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Is Your Doctor a Problem Prescriber?

When it comes to renewing your prescription for an addictive medication, does your provider automatically send in the script without digging deeper to find out the true state of your health? If so, your physician may be what’s known as … Read More


The Link Between Alcoholism and PTSD

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? When it comes to alcoholism and post traumatic stress disorder, one might ask the same question, as increasing bodies of research are demonstrating a clear link between the two conditions. Unfortunately, both … Read More


Macklemore’s Past Drug Addiction

There’s no way to glorify this pavement

Syrup, Percocet, and an eighth a day will leave you broke, depressed, and emotionally vacant.

Those are the words to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s Otherside, a lyrical tale of the days Macklemore … Read More