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Triggers and Recovering Addicts

When you pull the trigger on a gun, it releases a bullet at a rapid speed that races until it runs into something that stops it. Trigger is, then, an appropriate word to describe what happens when someone who has … Read More


What is an Addict Like? Addressing Addiction Stigmas

You have undoubtedly heard the things people say about addicts. It’s possible that before you or a family member developed an addiction, you may have thought them yourself:

“People with addictions are lazy.” “People with addictions are weak.” “People with Read More

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How to Tell Someone You’re an Addict

It’s a first date, or you have to go to a holiday party for work. Maybe it’s a high school reunion, or you’re simply out to dinner with new friends. You can say no to alcohol or drugs without embarrassment, … Read More


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