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Last July, we released an infographic on drug addiction that had some telling data about the costs borne by American Citizens to support a growing inmate population struggling with addiction.  The infographic received a lot of attention and even inspired Fast Company to share our story with their readers.  And since we are so driven to providing awareness for the important truth surrounding the benefits of preemptive therapy, we decided to re-visualize the data in the form of a video!

You’ll be shocked to discover that due in large part to the War on Drugs, our prisons are becoming overcrowded with minor drug offenders.  And while American citizens bear the insane costs of supporting these individuals within our prison systems, statistics show that we are unable to prevent those that inmates that are released from being incarcerated again.  So do we keep with a system that only perpetuates a problem, rather than solves one?

But imagine if the government could better utilize it’s funds to provide preemptive therapy to first time drug users. Fortunately they can, and they can save taxpayers a ton of money every year! Watch the video to find out exactly how much money you could save if they did!

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View the Video Infographic on YouTube.




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