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The Financial Toll Drug Use Has On American Citizens

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The Financial Toll Drug Use Has On American Citizens
Infographic by Clarity Way

With the economy still recovering from a global crisis, people have turned to vices in the form of drugs and alcohol to help distract from their financial struggles. Unfortunately, as the prisons overpopulate and the government’s bill grows in order to find a balance and keep drugs off the street, the financial toll on individuals is compounded. But there’s another solution. Check out our infographic to see how government funded, preemptive therapy for first time drug users can save every taxpayer $110 each year!

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  1. Michele I. says:

    What an amazing infographic! Visually awesome and the information is mind blowing! I can’t believe this cost data is available and yet this DTAP program isn’t a first choice already. As a tax payer, I vote make the switch NOW!

  2. sarah says:

    I’d definitely like to have any extra money I can get! ugh

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