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Private Detoxification Facility

What Our Clients Say

"I needed a pain management program and had been on a tremendous amount of medications (morphine for migraines was actually prescribed to me at one point). I knew my meds were out of control and so did Clarity Way. Dr. Rob worked so closely with me and really listened to my concerns, as did the whole nursing staff. They were great and really helped in whatever way they could. Dr. Rob was willing to work with me on my tapers off of different meds to make sure that I was comfortable so that I could have the benefits of therapy while doing my detox. I was not always the easiest to deal with so a huge thanks to the whole medical team! Katrina especially was awesome as was Lisa who handled my insurance billing for my reimbursement, which was extremely helpful! Also, we worked on pain management with the fitness staff as well as the therapy team and Dr. Rob, everyone really is involved, and the nutritionist was really helpful too with everything. So grateful to be off of drugs and feeling better without them - if you're on extreme levels of medications (i.e. morphine, xanax, oxycontin, alcohol (self-prescribed), etc.) then Clarity Way can really help."

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Clarity Way: The Premier Drug Detox Facility


Clarity Way is a drug treatment and drug detox facility in PA. Our drug detox program is considered exclusive because of the many amenities we offer, the great measures we take to uphold privacy and the limited number of clients admitted into our drug recovery program.

Holistic Drug Detox and Rehab

Clarity Way is an exclusive, community-oriented alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation center that focuses on providing customized treatment of all addictions and their contributing factors. Our qualified, compassionate staff understands that every client heals and learns differently. That is why we provide a range of today’s most progressive multidisciplinary therapies, beginning with a medically monitored alcohol and drug detox program and ending with a comprehensive, customized Aftercare solution that assures our continuing involvement in helping sustain your sobriety.

At Clarity Way, we only accept a very limited number of clients at one time. Our drug detox facility can treat up to 6 clients, while our rehabilitation center treats up to 17 clients at one time. This small number of clients helps foster a community-oriented environment that encourages bonding and reduces anxiety. Because we support active family involvement during recovery, you will begin to heal those relationships as well as reengage with the work and activities you once cherished.

Drug Detox Facility in PA: Take the First Step to Recovery

Drug detox is the physical component of your treatment, the first step you must take in order to regain your life. Although many people try to withdrawal from drug and alcohol abuse without help, the fact is that people who get help often enjoy better outcomes than those who do not. In addition, getting professional alcohol and drug detox help can make the early days of withdrawal much less challenging.

Clarity Way has 24-hour nursing support with two physicians on staff and private detox rooms at our drug detox facility. NJ to California clients benefit from around the clock support. Although not all symptoms of detox can be alleviated, we will ensure your highest level of comfort as your body is released from the influence of drugs and alcohol at our private drug treatment facility.

Located on fifteen secluded acres, we offer the privacy you need at our drug detox facility. NJ to Washington state, clients across the country can rest assured knowing there is no pressure from the outside world. You'll be able to enjoy the outdoors on our sprawling estate.

Call us at 844-240-5368 to learn more about our exclusive drug detox facility in PA.

Individualized Approach

A Drug Detox Facility in PA with an Individualized Approach

Your drug detox is unique and at Clarity Way we treat it that way.

Once your drug detox is complete, you'll work one-on-one with our highly trained and experienced medical and clinical staff to develop an individualized treatment plan for your recovery. Clarity Way employs a variety of methods customized to each client.

With a minimum of 10 individual sessions per week, you'll work on understanding the roots of your addiction while gaining the tools you need to continue making the healthy choices that promote your sobriety, even after you leave our drug detox facility in PA.

Call us at 844-240-5368 to learn more about our individualized approach at our drug detox facility in PA.


A Drug Detox Facility in PA with a Holistic Approach

While our drug detox facility in PA uses traditional therapies, including cognitive behavioral and psychotherapy, we also employ a variety of techniques to create drug detox programs featuring a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to your recovery.

Based on your individual needs and interests, your plan is customized for you at our drug detox facility. NY clients and those clients from across the country appreciate the range of therapies and techniques included in their plan, such as art therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and private sessions with a physical trainer.

When you stay at our drug detox facility in PA, you'll have the chance to improve all areas of your life ... physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You'll enjoy new ways to honor your physical body through the many activities and amenities we offer, such as hiking, canoeing, basketball, tennis and our state-of-the-art fitness center. At our drug detox facility in PA, you'll have the chance to reconnect with the core of who you are, identifying your purpose and defining your goals with the help of our life purpose coach.

These are just a few of the many offerings at our drug detox facility in PA. To learn more, call us at 844-240-5368.


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Page Updated: November 25, 2013