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Private Detoxification Facility

What Our Clients Say

"I needed a pain management program and had been on a tremendous amount of medications (morphine for migraines was actually prescribed to me at one point). I knew my meds were out of control and so did Clarity Way. Dr. Rob worked so closely with me and really listened to my concerns, as did the whole nursing staff. They were great and really helped in whatever way they could. Dr. Rob was willing to work with me on my tapers off of different meds to make sure that I was comfortable so that I could have the benefits of therapy while doing my detox. I was not always the easiest to deal with so a huge thanks to the whole medical team! Katrina especially was awesome as was Lisa who handled my insurance billing for my reimbursement, which was extremely helpful! Also, we worked on pain management with the fitness staff as well as the therapy team and Dr. Rob, everyone really is involved, and the nutrition education was really helpful too. So grateful to be off of drugs and feeling better without them - if you're on extreme levels of medications (i.e. morphine, xanax, oxycontin, alcohol (self-prescribed), etc.) then Clarity Way can really help."

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Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab

Recovery Help

The road to addiction recovery begins with drug or alcohol detoxification. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to seek help from a drug and alcohol detox program. Withdrawing from alcohol and/or drug abuse alone usually results in nearly intolerable physical and psychological symptoms; although the physical symptoms generally abate after several days, they can sometimes go on for months. Emotionally, withdrawing from chronic abuse and addiction is much more challenging and can last for several months or longer. That is why getting help from an effective emergency detoxification and rehab program that can help provide you with the tools necessary for lifelong sobriety is so important.

The fact is that people who attempt to independently "go cold turkey" usually fail when it comes to sustaining a life-lasting sobriety. In certain cases — such as with alcohol and drug detoxification — it can also be very dangerous. With Clarity Way, you don't have to go it alone. Our medically-supervised emergency rehabilitation program gives you the support and medical care you need to make this crucial first step to recovery. Once you or your loved one have completed inpatient detox, our qualified staff of therapists will design a customized recovery plan that addresses the affected psychological, physical, and spiritual needs.

Why is Drug or Alcohol Detox Important?

Remember, even a professional emergency detoxification program does not cure addiction. Rather, it readies your body and mind to address your addiction. The presence of drugs or alcohol in your system interferes with successful addiction rehabilitation. You need to be "dry" to ensure the maximum benefit from an intensive inpatient rehab program. Rehabilitation and exclusive addiction treatment will help the addict to discover the underlying issues that lead to their alcoholism or drug addiction.


At Clarity Way, our holistic treatment program incorporates a variety of today’s most progressive and proven therapies from many diverse modalities. Incorporating effective recovery practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Nutrition education, Fitness Training, Neurobiofeedback, Family Therapy, Music Therapy, and more assures our clients and their families that they are receiving treatment for their whole selves — not simply the physical symptoms of addiction.

Medically Supervised-On Site Detox Center at the Best Recovery Program in PA

Drug detox rids your body of the drugs and/or alcohol it has become used to having. Once your system has been purged of the substance, our drug recovery experts work with you to uncover the underlying issues that led to or contributed to your addiction. Since many substances, such as cocaine and alcohol, produce powerful cravings, we also help you to develop the tools you need to stay strong during those times when you are feeling the physical pangs of recovery.

Emergency Alcohol Detoxification

Because alcohol is legal and most often socially accepted, it is difficult to convince an addict that they need treatment. Once an alcoholic is willing to enter treatment, it is imperative that they seek a medically supervised alcohol and drug detox at our emergency drug detox rehab in Pennsylvania.

Alcohol detoxification is extremely dangerous, as the alcoholic can experience the shakes and/or delirium tremens, depending upon how advanced their addiction is. Delirium tremens, commonly referred to as the DTs, is a serious complication that causes anxiety, seizures, hallucinations and heart palpitations. Without proper treatment, the delirium tremens can even prove fatal.

Outside Nature

Emergency Rehabilitation is Essential to Recovery

For the well-being of the client, medically-supervised detoxification is a necessity during emergency alcoholism treatment. Our on-site program offers a safe, supportive environment. Then, we work with you to make you well ... physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Once you have completed your emergency detox, a rehabilitation program will be designed specifically for your unique needs, interests and goals.

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