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Individualized Treatment Programs

What Our Clients Say

"I loved this place; my sister went to treatment here and I was actually envious of her stay! It wasn't only because of the beautiful facility and surroundings but she got to focus on so many of her issues and really exorcise them. She is doing really well and has been taking things slowly so that she doesn't overwhelm herself. We looked at a lot of programs before she went to treatment but this was without a doubt the best choice for her and she's gotten her life back as a result. If you're in doubt, just call them or go to the facility and tour - they seem to be really open to that kind of thing. Definitely do family therapy if you go - so beneficial."

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The Drug Addiction Recovery Process

Discussing the Recovery Process

At our drug and alcohol rehab center in PA, Clarity Way provides a well rounded, holistic alternative to traditional 12-step and quick detox programs. We believe that the most satisfying drug addiction treatment outcomes result from addressing the whole self, not only the body or the mind. Not only will we help you or your loved one manage the uncomfortable early effects of withdrawal at our alcohol and drug rehab in PA, but we will then address your complete psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. Many clients of our alcohol and drug rehab report that Clarity Way helped them become more fulfilled, better communicators, and overall happier people — without dangerous substances.

The Clarity Way drug rehab center is located in the serene and private countryside of South Central Pennsylvania. Our 15-acre property is the perfect place to get away from life’s pressures so you can focus on your recovery. Our small size makes it easy for us to foster a community-oriented atmosphere among our client population, who work with our qualified counselors and close family members to achieve their optimal recoveries. We believe Clarity Way is the ideal place to heal your mind, your body, and your spirit — and is the perfect place to reboot your life and begin your journey to a lifelong recovery.


The Drug Rehabilitation Program at Our Drug Rehab Facilities in Pennsylvania

The program at Clarity Way drug rehab center in PA offers clients flexibility and allows for each person to tailor their stay for as long or as short as is necessary; we offer both long and short term drug rehab to our clients. Dependent upon each client's history an appropriate beginning point for length of stay at our inpatient rehab center is determined and from there clients are assessed to determine whether more time is needed. If a client is only able to receive drug treatment for a certain length of time the program will be adapted to fit those needs. The provided drug rehab program will be tailored not only to the client, but also to length of stay.

Why We Maintain Long Lasting Success at Our Drug Rehab Center in PA

Effective Aftercare: An Important Component of Rehab

Each client meets individually with an Aftercare Coordinator several times in order to set up their plan for when they return to their home and loved ones. Throughout the treatment process clients are provided the tools to seamlessly return to their lives and the Aftercare Plan builds upon that. Clients are scheduled two times for follow-up phone sessions with therapists in the month following their treatment, and an Aftercare Coordinator calls each client weekly for the first month following treatment to make sure that clients are following their Aftercare Plan, and to re-assess the progress and make any adaptations as needed.

The Process at Our Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Includes Extensive Follow-Up

Aftercare Follow-Up

The Aftercare Coordinator will continue the follow-up calls monthly for one year. The Aftercare Plan itself is comprised of recommendations from each Therapist, as well as the scheduling of outpatient appointments in each client's home area, and a calendar outlining their schedule for the first month following treatment. Our Aftercare Coordinator works with each client individually in order to hand pick an outpatient program that is suited to their needs. The transition back to one's life is made as easy as possible, and finding the best fit in an outpatient provider aids in that transition.

If a client has any problems whatsoever with their outpatient care, we work with them until the right fit is found.


A Drug Rehab that Centers on Holistic Treatment

Our drug rehab centers on treating the entire person, not just the addiction. If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, don't delay another day. Let our specialists help you begin your path to recovery.

Call us at 877-548-4794 to learn more about what makes Clarity Way the best in Pennsylvania drug rehab centers.

Page Updated: November 25, 2013