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Holistic Recovery Approach

What Our Clients Say

"I have never had such good food in my life as I did at this place. The kitchen staff is amazing and I'm a total foodie so they were open to experimenting and trying new things on the menu. There are always at least two options (one vegetarian) for each meal plus there's a soup and salad bar. I even got to try some new things and I consider myself fairly cultured when it comes to food. The other high point for me (aside from the therapy, of course, which is why we're all there) was the holistic element of the program. I used the gym every day to release frustration and nervous energy and used my sessions with Debbie to really work on strengthening my core. I also swam quite a bit and yes, used the infra-red saunas (they're very nice). Therapy is so important but so is having an opportunity to relax your mind a bit and these sessions and hours allowed me to do that, plus the food gave me such amazing energy. I would go choose Clarity Way even if I had to do it all over again (which I won't) - the staff is amazing from housekeeping to therapists, everyone is willing to help. "

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Holistic Alcohol & Drug Treatment and Rehab

Individual Therapy Session

Holistic alcohol and drug rehabilitation is the core of what we do at Clarity Way. Addiction is not a separate part of a person. Addiction permeates throughout one's life, affecting its every aspect — from spiritual to social to physical to emotional. To recover from an addiction is to improve total well being; it is not only about following 12 steps or healing from the physical wounds of substance abuse. When you enroll at the holistic drug and alcohol treatment center at Clarity Way, our caring and qualified staff will address each of these issues so you can get back to living a sober and fulfilling lifestyle.

During your stay at our holistic drug and alcohol rehab center, we address all parts of your existence so you can be well again. We enable your body to heal from the rigors of addiction and the stresses it brings. Your mind and emotional self are soothed from the trauma experienced because of your addiction and its related activities, and your spirit is rebuilt, helping to rebuild the whole picture in the wake of addiction.

Many of our clients fear the first few weeks of abstinence because of the notorious symptoms of withdrawal. At Clarity Way, our caring and experienced staff will help you manage those symptoms with medically supervised detox. As you gain strength at our holistic detox center, our therapists will assess your psychological condition and develop a customized treatment plan based on that assessment. We use many of today’s most progressive and successful therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Fitness Training, Nutrition education, Massage Therapy, Neurobiofeedback, and more. Once detox and inpatient therapy are complete, we will create an Aftercare recovery plan designed to meet your specific needs. At Clarity Way, we want to help you sustain your commitment to your life-lasting recovery for many years to come.

Call us at 844-240-5368 to learn more about our holistic drug and alcohol rehab center, and to find out how our progressive approach to sobriety can help you live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Relaxing Outdoor Environment

How our Holistic Drug Rehab Center Works

Our holistic drug rehab centers on you as an individual, not on your addiction. Our focus is on uncovering the reasons why in the past you have chosen your addiction over yourself and those that love you. With our scope of rehab programming, we take into consideration all facets of your individual life and needs in determining the appropriate holistic drug treatment program for you.

This holistic rehab programming includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic techniques that work in tandem with a variety of therapies including cognitive behavioral, drug and alcohol, and psychotherapy. At our holistic alcohol rehab and drug treatment facility, we employ a range of methods that best meet the needs of the individual, including art therapy, music therapy, meditation, yoga and acupuncture. Our approach at our center for holistic healing is to improve your total well-being and ensure your needs are met, whether medically, clinically or spiritually.

Call us at 844-240-5368 to learn more about how our holistic drug rehab works.

Nature Environment

Individualized Treatment at our Holistic Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Facility

Our holistic alcohol rehab centers on the individual. We are sensitive to the fact every client learns through different means and at different speeds. We understand recovery is an individual process, and each client requires specific needs be met.

The multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory approach we take at our holistic drug rehab center is based on your individual needs. By working one-on-one with our caring, empathetic staff, you'll develop a plan custom-tailored to your interests, struggles and addiction. This plan is not based on a template; it is a drug treatment designed specifically for you.

Throughout your stay at our holistic healing center, your unique drug treatment plan will be re-evaluated to ensure it continues to meet your every need as you navigate your path to recovery. We'll make the necessary updates so you can continue receiving the well-rounded care you need. This plan will be further adjusted to meet the unique challenges you'll be facing as you transition from our holistic drug rehab center back to your home. Even after you have long left Clarity Way's alternative holistic healing center, we'll continue to work with you on assessing your treatment plan to ensure it continues to meet your needs and supports your life-long, lasting recovery.

Our Holistic Healing Centers on a Customized Treatment Plan for Each Individual

Sober, Healthy Individual

With a 10-15 individual sessions each week, you'll have one-on-one therapies and sessions that give you the tools you need to continue your sobriety. During your holistic drug rehabilitation program, you'll work with your therapists to identify the ever-present underlying issues that contributed to and triggered your addiction. Because natural holistic healing centers on determining what caused your fall into addiction, you'll have a greater understanding of yourself and how to continue to make the right choices that support your sober, healthy life.

The Best in Holistic Drug Rehab Centers: Clarity Way Offers a Wide Range of Therapies and Treatments

Your individual therapy sessions will vary based on your addiction needs. From drug and alcohol therapy, addiction education/relapse prevention and life skills to cognitive behavioral, psychotherapy, music therapy and art therapy, you'll be getting the well-rounded program you need to provide you with all the necessary tools to continue down your path to recovery.

We're able to provide you with individualized attention because we only admit a limited number of clients into our holistic alcohol recovery and drug treatment program. Although our facility is equipped with 51 rooms, we have only 23 clients at any given time. Our holistic drug rehab is successful because we are able to provide you with the proper, individualized care you require. Whether you're a high profile celebrity, CEO or just need special care, we can tailor your individualized plan to meet your needs through The Cottage at Clarity Way.

Call us at 844-240-5368 to learn more about the individualized approach we take to holistic drug rehabilitation.

Natural Rehab Facility

Clarity Way Holistic Drug Rehab Centers on You and Every Part of Your Life

While the individualized approach and one-on-one attention offered with holistic rehab is key to your recovery, we know your family is an integral part in your life as well. That's why we encourage clients to participate in family sessions. During these family sessions, you'll work with your loved ones to heal the past and pave the way to a more healthy future of sobriety. Addiction affects your loved ones and just as your whole body needs healed, so does your entire family; that's why our addiction recovery treatment programs are holistic in nature.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, don't delay another day.
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Page Updated: November 25, 2013