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Individualized Treatment Programs

Neurotherapy Treatment

Neurobiofeedback Therapy

Neurobiofeedback - also called neurofeedback - trains the brain to function more effectively and efficiently. In a study done on addicts in a conventional treatment program, the recovery rate doubled for those who received neurofeedback. At Clarity Way, we are proud to offer this promising and progressive new program to our clients, and we have observed firsthand how effective Neurotherapy Treatment can be.

How Neurotherapy Works

Through a computer software program, an assessment is taken to identify any imbalances or areas of ineffectiveness in the functioning of one's brainwaves. Once the specific areas requiring treatment are identified, neurobiofeedback provides visual and audio feedback that respond instantaneously any time brain activity changes. This type of feedback provides the brain information to function more effectively and efficiently. Neurotherapy is used to help ADHD, seizures, addiction, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities. Via neurobiofeedback the brain has the opportunity to retrain itself to function in a healthier way so that emotional and cognitive states will be improved. People have utilized neurobiofeedback in a less sophisticated manner for years. For example, mirrors provide feedback on appearance and can inspire action — one may get a haircut, buy different clothing, begin a healthier lifestyle, improve posture, etc. Video cameras have been utilized to capture sporting events on film so that players can re-watch their movements and learn to improve their play.

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With the most cutting-edge neurobiofeedback systems available at Clarity Way, instant information is fed directly back to the brain. This feedback helps improve brain imbalances, which assists the brain in its ability to make healthier decisions, to enforce boundaries, to manage ADHD/ADD, to keep a strict sleep schedule, and much more. Neurofeedback trains the brain to learn more functional patterns. It's like riding a bike: Once one masters how to ride, it becomes a learned skill that's not forgotten. As more functional patterns emerge they start to become long-term skills.

What We Provide at Clarity Way

In addition to Neurotherapy Treatment, Clarity Way offers a diverse range of therapies that address our clients’ emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. You or your loved one will begin treatment in our detox facility, where our trained and compassionate staff will help to ease discomfort during the initial days of withdrawal. Next, our experienced therapists will develop a treatment program custom-designed for your specific needs. We will carefully assess your past history to determine if dual diagnosis treatment is required, or if your symptoms are the result of addiction. Every client receives a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week.

We also believe that people who learn to reengage with healthy, fulfilling lifestyle activities have an easier time maintaining their commitment to abstinence in the world outside of inpatient rehab. Our clients learn to enjoy life without drugs and/or alcohol as they benefit from Massage Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy in our one-of-a-kind recording studio, Fitness Training, Nutrition education, our gourmet kitchen, and more. Due to the fact that we include families during the entire recovery process, our clients also begin to rebuild the trust damaged by substance abuse.

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Page Updated: December 2, 2013