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"I loved this place; my sister went to treatment here and I was actually envious of her stay! It wasn't only because of the beautiful facility and surroundings but she got to focus on so many of her issues and really exorcise them. She is doing really well and has been taking things slowly so that she doesn't overwhelm herself. We looked at a lot of programs before she went to treatment but this was without a doubt the best choice for her and she's gotten her life back as a result. If you're in doubt, just call them or go to the facility and tour - they seem to be really open to that kind of thing. Definitely do family therapy if you go - so beneficial."

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Integrated Treatment for Dual Diagnosis in Our Recovery Program

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Co-occurring disorders treatment, also known as dual diagnosis, is the combination of a substance abuse disorder and a mental health diagnosis. For many individuals afflicted with substance abuse problems, self-medicating undiagnosed depression or anxiety with alcohol and/or drugs leads to addiction. The false “escape” offered by a substance high temporarily relieves the symptoms associated with these mental health disorders; over time, substance abuse and addiction can also lead to anxiety and depression. Knowing the difference between someone who truly requires dual diagnosis treatment versus someone whose onset of depressive symptoms, for example, began after abusing alcohol or drugs, is essential to developing an appropriate recovery plan.

Many afflicted with addiction are misdiagnosed as needing integrated treatment for dual disorders as a result of the symptoms of their substance abuse. Substance Abuse can cause clients to slip into psychosis, depression, paranoid behaviors, etc. and Clarity Way works with each client in dual diagnosis recovery and rehab to determine whether they truly have a dual diagnosis issue before progressing with treatment of the issue. Once we have made a determination, we use many of today’s most progressive therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurobiofeedback, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, and more.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery at Clarity Way

At Clarity Way, our experienced and qualified staff of physicians, nurses, and therapists has a comprehensive understanding of the treatment of dual diagnosis. Our small client population and the community-oriented environment helps us provide attentive treatment customized for the specific needs of each and every client, whether they require the services of a true dual diagnosis rehab or if their symptoms are the result of substance abuse. Regardless, the holistic approach and multidisciplinary treatment modalities we provide often results in more satisfying outcomes for clients and their families.

Therapeutic Dual Diagnosis Rehab and Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

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Due to abuse of medications for diagnosed mental health problems in combination with substance abuse, many clients believe their medication is not effective. Clients will often find after a period of sobriety that it is the opposite; either clients were initially misdiagnosed or their substance abuse disorder has rendered their medications ineffective. When clients enter the program with dual diagnosis concerns the medical team first provides a medically-managed drug and alcohol detox to remove the substances being abused and then assesses where the client is at mentally. Once this has been accomplished, currently prescribed medications are reviewed by the Physician, Clinical Director and Psychiatrist. Through medical and therapeutic sessions it is determined whether a client's medication will be adjusted in any way. As part of the mental health and substance abuse program at Clarity Way, our dual diagnosis rehab program ensures each client receives a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week in the modalities of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Family Therapy, Music Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, Art Therapy, Massage Therapy, Fitness Training and Yoga. During individual sessions clients work on addressing their dual diagnosis treatment issues once a firm diagnosis has been rendered by the clinical team.

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Treatment at Our Dual Diagnosis Rehab in PA

Clients who struggle with dual diagnosis issues face withdrawal and cravings from substance abuse along with an encumbered mental state due to their mental health diagnosis. This makes treatment of dual diagnosis more challenging due to the brain's distortion from substance abuse and mental health symptoms. Clarity Way provides clients a multitude of individual sessions from a variety of modalities to foster each client's internal motivation to get healthy and promote continued investment in the dual diagnosis residential treatment process. This also allows the clinical team to closely monitor each client's progress on the substance abuse and mental health spectrums. Though clients afflicted with dual diagnosis can have a more challenging time in treatment, the staff at Clarity Way is equipped to address the needs of each fully and to aid in each client achieving a successful outcome for the dual diagnosis rehabilitation program.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, don't delay another day. Let our specialists at our dual diagnosis treatment facility help you begin your path to recovery. Call us at 877-548-4794.

Page Updated: November 25, 2013