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Individualized Treatment Programs

What Our Clients Say

"I loved this place; my sister went to treatment here and I was actually envious of her stay! It wasn't only because of the beautiful facility and surroundings but she got to focus on so many of her issues and really exorcise them. She is doing really well and has been taking things slowly so that she doesn't overwhelm herself. We looked at a lot of programs before she went to treatment but this was without a doubt the best choice for her and she's gotten her life back as a result. If you're in doubt, just call them or go to the facility and tour - they seem to be really open to that kind of thing. Definitely do family therapy if you go - so beneficial."

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Individualized Treatment at Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Private Facility

Clarity Way offers both short term and long term drug and alcohol rehab programs. Alcohol and drug rehab is based on the individualized needs of the client. While the average drug or alcohol rehab is 60 days, some clients opt to extend their stay; we offer longer rehab programs as well. For those clients only able to receive drug treatment for a certain amount of time, we offer shorter rehab programs starting at 14-days in length at our luxury drug treatment facility.

Our drug rehab programs take place at our beautiful and private South Central Pennsylvania facility, located on 15 peaceful acres of rolling hills. Once you enter through our stone gates, you will enter experience an oasis of calm, compassion, and understanding. Our exceptionally qualified staff and community-oriented atmosphere makes forming bonds with other people easier, and because we make family an important part of the recovery process, you will never feel isolated from those who care for you the most — even if you enroll in a longer treatment program. Should you decide that short term drug rehab is most appropriate for your needs, you can always decide to extend your stay should you find it appropriate. The fact is, people who participate in long term treatment programs often achieve more satisfying outcomes than those who do not.

Learn more about your options for lengths of stay here.

To learn more about our rehab programs call us at 844-240-5368.

Individual Treatment

The Client-Centered Addiction Treatment

We know each client comes to Clarity Way with their own set of struggles and underlying issues. That's why we don't employ a cookie-cutter approach to your treatment. Instead, we work with you to develop a customized drug treatment program that addresses your unique situation. During your stay, this plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it's promoting your recovery in the most beneficial way possible.

When you're a part of our drug rehab, you'll experience one-on-one support from our caring, empathetic and highly trained staff. You'll have 10-15 individual therapy sessions per week; and, based on your needs, these sessions include cognitive behavioral, psychotherapy, music and art therapy, life skills, neurobiofeedback and more.

Holistic Approach to Alcohol Rehab

If you're suffering from an addiction, you're likely dealing with an array of life struggles. At Clarity Way, we take a holistic approach to your sobriety. We employ a variety of techniques and therapies, aimed at improving you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our holistic drug treatment approach addresses all parts of your life to promote overall healing. Physically, your body will be healed from the rigors of addiction and the stresses that accompany it. Your emotional and mental state will be free from the trauma your addiction has caused. Your spirit will be rebuilt, giving you purpose again and direction for your future, healthy life of sobriety.

Call 844-240-5368 to learn more about the holistic, individualized approach we take.

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After You Leave Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Before you leave Clarity Way, you'll have the tools you need to make healthy decisions for your life. During your stay, we'll work closely with you to discuss the unique challenges you'll face when you return home. Based on your needs, an Aftercare Plan will be designed, providing a roadmap for your continued sobriety.

Our caring staff will continue to be a major contributor to your life-long, lasting recovery. You'll leave Clarity Way with two scheduled follow-up phone sessions with therapists in the month following your stay at our drug and alcohol treatment center. Your Aftercare Coordinator will also call you on a bi-weekly basis in the month following treatment. During these calls, you'll review your Aftercare Plan and discuss how it is working in your life. Adjustments will be made as necessary to the plan. Your Aftercare Coordinator will also set up outpatient treatment in your area. For a year after treatment, you'll continue to receive follow-up calls from your Aftercare Coordinator.

Find Your Path to Recovery at Clarity Way

Clarity Way uses an individualized, holistic approach to drug treatment. Our exclusive drug rehab program will help you find your path to recovery. The dedicated, caring staff you meet will guide you on your journey, providing you with the map you need to continue to choose sobriety, your loved ones and yourself over your addiction.

To learn more about our executive drug and alcohol rehab, call us at 844-240-5368.

Page Updated: December 2, 2013