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Clarity Way Rehab Center

What Our Clients Say

"I am President of a fairly large company and as such it was imperative that I be able to have access to my phone and computer throughout my ENTIRE stay at any facility. Clarity Way was receptive to this, as long as my phone and computer didn't keep me from going to my sessions and being focused while in them. They promised me access and I had it - it never once came up as an issue or became a problem. Because I was able to check in with work and make sure things were going well there, as well as being able to put out any fires that came up, I could focus on me while in sessions. It was the best scenario if you need treatment, especially if you're on the East Coast, as I am. For any professionals needing treatment but hesitant to disrupt your work schedule, if you can get a few weeks where you don't have to be in the office, this is the best of both worlds. Not ideal in all respects professionally as of course being in the office is the idea scenario, however if I hadn't gotten treatment when I did, I probably wouldn't still be running a company. It's worth the trip to visit if you're serious and definitely worth a call to the center to find out more information on the program."

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Our Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Pennsylvania Work to Heal the Whole Person and the Whole Family

Discussing Individual Treatment

Are you or someone you love afflicted by the pain of addiction?
Are you afraid to try again because you are afraid to fail?

Our alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Pennsylvania has a high success rate because we allow our clients flexibility every step of the way, from the amount of time they spend with us, to the treatment modalities they choose at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania.

Treating just part of the person isn't an option. We treat the entire individual: body, soul and mind; it's what our drug and alcohol rehab centers on. PA to CA residents have begun their lifelong road to recovery at Clarity Way because we take a holistic approach to treatment.

Family-focused Rehab Center

We don't use a cookie cutter approach at our drug and alcohol rehab center. PA to CA residents find the individualized attention they need with a treatment plan uniquely designed for them. Our drug and alcohol rehab program is designed to be sustainable. You can return home clean, sober, energized, feeling fantastic and re-engaged in activities you used to enjoy before succumbing to the numbing lifestyle provided to you through drugs and alcohol.

Give those you love the gift of yourself by getting clean and sober at our drug and alcohol rehab. PA to CA clients and all points in between are given the chance to focus solely on their recovery, without the stressors of life back home: a major benefit of seeking inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

Call us at 877-548-4794 to learn more about how getting away from your everyday life will enable you to focus solely on recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab center PA to CA residents visit to start their journey to healing.

Convenience and Privacy at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Pennsylvania to California Clients Benefit From

At Clarity Way's premier drug and alcohol rehab, PA to CA residents will find our location in the picturesque rolling hills of Hanover, PA, not just convenient, but discreet and secluded. At our alcohol rehab center, PA residents will be close to their loved ones as they continue on the road to recovery. For those who are further away and desire anonymity, our facility is easily accessed through the York, PA airport, where clients are transported to and from Clarity Way via a private limousine. Our access airport in York has a private runway used for chartered planes and jets. Once here, clients will enjoy all the benefits of the privacy we offer, including private room options, while focusing solely on getting well at our private rehab center. Plus, at our drug and alcohol rehab center in PA, clients can take advantage of all the exclusive amenities our facilities have to offer as they continue on the road to recovery.

Personalized Treatment with Customized Plans

With our drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania, we're able to provide you with an array of opportunities for health and all over well being, from our premier fitness facility to our state-of-the-art music recording studio. Moreover, we take all possible measures to ensure you get the individualized care you need. We pride ourselves on our high staff-to-patient ratio. We accept no more than 17 clients at a time, guaranteeing you will get highly personalized, customized treatment on your path to recovery at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania. Clarity Way has five full-time therapists, a psychiatrist, two physicians and 24-hour nursing at your disposal during your stay with us.

From the minute you arrive at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania, the focus will be on you. You decide with our staff the length of stay that is right for you. We understand that each individual progresses and learns through different means and at different speeds, which is why we offer both short and long term rehab programs.

Our treatment team will work with clients to decide which specialized care options will enable them to get the most out of our program at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania. We guarantee 10-15 individual sessions each week, which include, but are not limited to, psychotherapy, fitness, massage, life skills, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy and more.

Call us at 877-548-4794 to learn more about the individualized treatment plans offered at our drug and alcohol rehab PA to CA residents choose as their launchpad for recovery.

Strong Family Involvement

Part of the treatment at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania includes a strong family component.

When there is an addiction in the family, the negative impact touches the entire family and profoundly affects all family members in one way or another. Family involvement and support can greatly aid clients on their road to recovery.

At Clarity Way, we stress this aspect of our program as part of our holistic healing treatment. We provide a safe forum for families and clients to work on their underlying issues to promote healing and prevent future relapse. Our treatment team provides family-friendly case management and our Lead Counselor will provide a designated family member at least one update a week on our clients' progress at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania.

Strong After Care Support

Clarity Way views aftercare and family involvement as an important part of the sustainable sober lifestyle. Our treatment team will work with clients and their families on a customized, comprehensive aftercare program designed to prevent relapse.

Families will be provided information and education at our alcohol rehab facilities in Pennsylvania, where they will learn to recognize signs that a relapse is imminent and be given the tools to help prevent it before it happens. Our family aftercare support can go beyond phone calls to a series of planned family conferences and personal on-site sessions designed to meet the needs of both client and family.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, don't delay another day.
Let our specialists help you begin your path to recovery. Call us at 877-548-4794.