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Clarity Way Rehab Center

What Our Clients Say

"I went to Clarity Way after a very frank conversation with my family about my drinking. It had gotten out of control and was taking over my daily life and really affecting my family. Looking back during the conversation I realized I had missed my daughter's school and sporting events on numerous occasions in the prior months. She's eight years old and needed me there - I'm her father and her biggest supporter and I let her down. I (still) have a lot of guilt about that, though I'm continuing to work on it. I was more open initially to the more traditional therapies offered at Clarity Way, such as CBT sessions with Chad, but found myself more and more interested in my Art Therapy sessions with Jen. I've actually been painting since I returned home and friends and colleagues have commissioned my works! If someone would have told me last year that this all would have happened I would have said they were crazy, but it has. Me, the owner of a company, is using my spare time to paint! It sounds kind of crazy to me even, but it's been really amazing and I guess painting for me is like the gym for some - a way to relieve the stress from the day and let go. This past Christmas my wife contacted Clarity Way and got me a piece of jewelry from a collection they have - I wear it daily to remind me of where I started and what I went through to get where I am. I'm forever grateful to my wife for addressing my addiction head on. I'm rebuilding relationships and moving forward. I can't say enough how profound this experience was for me and I would really encourage others to go to Clarity Way as well, if there's a need for treatment."

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Effective Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment

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What makes an effective alcohol rehab?
What makes an effective drug rehab?

At Clarity Way, we believe effective drug rehab is achieved through a holistic, individualized approach to treatment. While success cannot be guaranteed, effective alcohol rehab and drug treatment is possible when a client is invested in their recovery and has the tools they need to achieve sober living.

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Holistic Therapy

An Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab has a Holistic Approach to Treatment

A holistic approach is key to an effective drug rehab because it treats the entire person, not just the addiction. We work with you to improve your overall well being. During your stay at Clarity Way, you'll have the opportunity to address all areas of your life, bettering yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In addition to the traditional clinical therapies, such as cognitive behavioral and psychotherapy, we also employ a variety of techniques to create a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach. These techniques include music therapy, art therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture.

An Effective Drug Rehab that Provides the Tools to Support Your Sobriety

You'll also be provided the tools you need to make the decisions that support your sobriety long after you leave Clarity Way's certified drug rehab program. You'll work with a life purpose coach to define your goals and get back in touch with yourself and your purpose. You'll have one-on-one sessions in drug addiction and relapse prevention, life skills and more.

Call us at 877-548-4794 to learn more about the holistic approach we take at our effective drug rehab with certified staff.

An Effective Alcohol Rehab is Individualized

We treat your addiction as uniquely as we treat you. When you first come to Clarity Way, you'll meet one-on-one with our highly trained clinical and medical staff to design an addiction treatment plan specific to you, based on your individual struggles, interests and goals. During your stay, this plan will continue to be re-evaluated and re-worked as necessary to ensure you're receiving the highest level of treatment possible.

Clarity Way is an effective alcohol rehab with a certified treatment team comprised of 7 full-time therapists, a psychiatrist, 2 physicians and 24-hour nursing support. Because we only accept 17 clients into the addiction recovery program at any given time, we're able to focus on your treatment, providing you with one-on-one care. With a minimum of 10 individual sessions a week, you'll get the individualized attention you need to treat your addiction and learn how to continue living a healthy, sober life.

Call us at 877-548-4794 to learn how we individualize our effective drug rehab.

Achieve Serenity

An Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Doesn't End After You Leave

Clarity Way is invested in your sobriety. We know returning home presents an array of challenges. We know your life will inevitably experience change. Not only do we want you to leave with the tools you need to continue choosing sobriety, we also work with you after your stay is over to ensure your treatment plan is still working for you.

During your treatment at our certified drug rehab, we'll discuss your transition and develop an individualized plan for your success outside of Clarity Way. You'll meet one-on-one with an Aftercare Coordinator to set up this plan. This aftercare plan is strengthened by the tools you learn during your stay.

You'll have two scheduled times for follow-up phone sessions with therapists in the month following your treatment at Clarity Way in addition to two from your Aftercare Coordinator. After the first month, you'll also get monthly calls from your Aftercare Coordinator to ensure you're following your plan. Your situation will be re-assessed and any necessary adaptations to your plan will be made. Then you'll have monthly calls with your Aftercare Coordinator for one year. Your Aftercare Coordinator is here to handpick and schedule outpatient programs in your area that will meet your individual needs.

Our Dedicated Team

One of the keys to an effective drug and alcohol rehab is a network of professional support from a team that understands addiction and works with you to help overcome yours. Our caring, professional and empathetic staff includes several full time therapists, consulting psychiatrists and physicians, licensed addictions counselors, and a 24-hour nursing staff. We have team members specializing in Art and Music Therapies, chiropractics, Neurobiofeedback Training, massage, fitness, yoga, and other non-traditional modalities, ensuring clients have access to a wide range of treatment options. Our high staff-to-client ratio makes it possible for each client to get an individualized, effective alcohol and drug rehab experience.

Detox, Pain Management and Dual Diagnosis

Part of what makes Clarity Way's drug and alcohol rehab effective is our ability to offer specialized support for all our clients. For clients struggling with dual diagnosis or chronic pain conditions, we can develop a treatment program that caters to their needs. This may include additional emphasis on fitness training and Occupational Therapy, specialized psychiatric counseling, and more. Clients entering our inpatient facility begin with a thorough assessment of their needs and a medically supervised detox to deal with withdrawal symptoms. From there, we are better able to offer the individualized attention required to develop an effective alcohol or drug rehab program.

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