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What Our Clients Say

"I am President of a fairly large company and as such it was imperative that I be able to have access to my phone and computer throughout my ENTIRE stay at any facility. Clarity Way was receptive to this, as long as my phone and computer didn't keep me from going to my sessions and being focused while in them. They promised me access and I had it - it never once came up as an issue or became a problem. Because I was able to check in with work and make sure things were going well there, as well as being able to put out any fires that came up, I could focus on me while in sessions. It was the best scenario if you need treatment, especially if you're on the East Coast, as I am. For any professionals needing treatment but hesitant to disrupt your work schedule, if you can get a few weeks where you don't have to be in the office, this is the best of both worlds. Not ideal in all respects professionally as of course being in the office is the idea scenario, however if I hadn't gotten treatment when I did, I probably wouldn't still be running a company. It's worth the trip to visit if you're serious and definitely worth a call to the center to find out more information on the program."

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Near Rhode Island

Private Rehab

As the best holistic treatment center in the United States, Clarity Way offers customized drug and alcohol treatment programs Rhode Island residents choose to help them begin their life-long journey to recovery. Our Rhode Island rehab clients benefit from our state-of-the-art treatment facilities that offer numerous amenities, as well as a caring, empathetic staff that is committed to their recovery.

Convenient Substance Abuse Treatment for Rhode Island Residents

Clarity Way is located on 15 acres in the rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania, just a short flight or day's drive from Rhode Island. Our alcohol addiction rehab center is ideally located for clients requiring privacy to perform the introspective work necessary to beat an addiction. Our facility is a safe space where your needs are taken care of by an attentive, professional staff, allowing you to properly focus on your recovery. With a maximum of 17 clients at a time, you will get the individual attention you require to get healthy. Since we are still a manageable distance from Rhode Island, our rehabilitation center can offer more effective aftercare support to clients once they have completed the inpatient portion of treatment.

Facilitating Communication Throughout the Recovery Process

We encourage our clients to maintain open communication with the friends and loved ones who will form their support system once they complete inpatient treatment. Additionally, for many clients, participation in family therapy sessions is a useful way of working out some of the main issues surrounding their addiction. For these reasons, the proximity of our addiction rehab center to Rhode Island is important, as it allows clients to maintain these vital links with friends and family members in the state.

Rhode Island Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs that Focus on the Individual

Our Rhode Island alcohol rehabilitation centers on the individual needs of each client. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to treatment, we help our clients develop a custom-tailored treatment plan that addresses their specific substance abuse issues. With a maximum of 17 clients in our program at a time, our team of physicians, therapists and nurses is able to deliver a level of personalized care distinctive to many treatment facilities. We also work with you to develop a strong aftercare program, allowing us to continue to be a key contributor to life-long, lasting recovery.

Medically Supervised Drug Detox

An important first step on the road to recovery from addiction is detoxification. Our medically supervised drug detox will clear your body of the substance(s) to which you are addicted. Detox is often accompanied by discomfort and even pain. Our staff will work to keep you as comfortable as possible during the process.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Rhode Island that Takes a Holistic Healing Approach

Music Therapy

At Clarity Way, we take a holistic approach to the treatment of addiction that addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional needs of each client. Instead of only treating the physical symptoms of addiction, the holistic healing process focuses on identifying the underlying causes that typically lead to addiction. Our clients participate in a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week that may include a variety of auditory, visual and kinesthetic treatment techniques, as well as therapies such as Art Therapy and Music Therapy. You will have the opportunity to re-engage with activities such as sports, music and art that you used to enjoy before your addiction changed your life.

A Wide Range of Amenities for Your Comfort

A primary reason Clarity Way is the substance abuse treatment center Rhode Island residents choose is because of the many amenities we offer. Ease your tensions and refocus on your recovery with a soothing massage in our massage center or meditate in the warmth and beauty of our sunroom. Get back into a healthy exercise routine by using our fully equipped fitness room or tennis or basketball courts. Our gourmet chef prepares nutritious meals designed to strengthen your body. Stay connected with business, family and friends in our business center equipped with wireless Internet access.

Find Your Path to Recovery at Clarity Way

When it comes to choosing a substance abuse treatment program, Rhode Island residents like you benefit from the multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory holistic approach provided by Clarity Way. We will help you find your path to recovery.

Begin your path to recovery and reclaim your life. Call us at 844-240-5368 and get help now!