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Rehab Staff at Clarity Way

Meet the dedicated and caring staff of professionals at Clarity Way.

Clinical Team

The Clarity Way clinical team is led by a Board-certified addiction medicine physician who serves on several medical advisory boards, is a nationally recognized speaker, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Our clinical treatment team also includes on-site Nurses and Medical Assistants, each of whom provides the utmost in expert, compassionate care. Clarity Way also partners with a Consulting Psychiatrist, currently in private practice. The clinical care team offers our clients decades of field-leading practical expertise while providing the custom-tailored treatment they require to walk a life-lasting path to recovery.

Robert Matylewicz, DO, ABAM, Medical Director, Addictionologist

Robert Matylewicz, DO, ABAM
Medical Director, Addictionologist

Dr. Matylewicz is a board-certified addiction medicine physician, Diplomate to the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) and Diplomate of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOSP). He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Society (POMA) and American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Certified in healthcare management, Dr. Matylewicz is also an Associate Professor at two medical colleges in the United States. He received his Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1996. After serving in the U.S. Army, Dr. Matylewicz opened a medical practice in southern Pennsylvania. He treats all aspects of addiction medicine with an interest in prescription opiate dependence. His past roles have also including national speaking tours providing education about pharmaceuticals and serving on several medical advisory boards. Dr. Matylewicz has a tremendous passion for helping those struggling with addiction and he is exceptional in his caring and compassionate interactions with Clarity Way clients.

Dr. Bruce Hershfield, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Bruce Hershfield, MD
Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Hershfield is the Consulting Psychiatrist at Clarity Way, Inc. He began his career in 1974 after completing his training in Psychiatry at UNC, where he was chief resident. He moved to Maryland to take a position with a dual diagnosis facility, and then went on to hold the position of Medical Director at a health facility in Baltimore from 1980 through 1986. Dr. Hershfield was offered and accepted the position of Superintendent of Springfield State Hospital in 1986, where he remained until 1993, when he left the public sector to open a private practice in Maryland. Dr. Hershfield continues his private practice today, as well as lending his services to Clarity Way as well as other renowned facilities, including Johns Hopkins where he serves as an Associate Professor. He is a former President of the Maryland Psychiatric Society (MPS) and was selected as the MPS 2003 Lifetime of Service Award Recipient for his extraordinary contributions to the welfare of his patients and profession. He is exceptional in his field and is able to serve our clients with his tremendous experience in both addiction and mental health work.

Therapy Team

Clarity Way's progressive therapy program provides an individualistic, holistic approach to a life-lasting recovery while also fostering strong bonds among the members of our small, community-oriented environment. Our therapy team includes experienced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, seasoned Psychotherapists, a Hypnotherapist and an Art Therapist. Each are qualified in a range of cutting edge addiction recovery practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodrama, Relapse Prevention, eco-therapy, and more. Clarity Way clients combine these therapy sessions with other beneficial activities such as fitness training, life skills training, and neurobiofeedback; each client participates in approximately 10-15 sessions per week.

Chad Shaeffer, Director of Clinical Services

Chad Shaeffer, BA, CADC
Director of Clinical Services

Chad is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, with a BA in Psychology, a BA in Philosophy, and a Ministerial Diploma. Chad is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT). At Clarity Way, Chad is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Family Counselor, and Spiritual Counselor. The Clarity Way philosophy is not to persuade clients to embrace any particular religious or spiritual tradition, but to help clients cultivate their own personal sense of spirituality and strengthen the use of such in their lives. Clients are educated on various schools of thought from the Western, Eastern, and Contemporary modalities so that they can make informed, educated decisions as to what works for them. Chad has also participated in speaking engagements throughout the state of Pennsylvania on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Spirituality.

David Poleno, Therapist

David Poleno, MSW, TEP

David has over 35 years of hands-on experience as a Psychotherapist, providing both individual and group therapy sessions. His field of expertise lies in Psychodrama, which he utilizes in both individual and group settings. Through Psychodrama, David is able to expose clients to a new way of viewing themselves and their decisions through a very specialized medium. Psychodrama assists in effectively addressing the underlying issues of those clients struggling with dual diagnosis and process addictions, as well as clients who have experienced trauma. David has his Masters of Social Work (MSW) and is also a Certified Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy (TEP).

Sarah Snowden, Art Therapist

Sarah Snowden, MA
Art Therapist

Sarah has a BA in Psychology with an Art Therapy concentration from College of Santa Fe and an MA in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe. She is an advocate for eco-therapy, which is based on the principle that if we take care of the earth, we are taking care of ourselves. Sarah has vast experience working with individuals who have suffered traumas, including counseling refugees who found safety in the US. Through providing therapeutic compassion and support, she is able to gain the trust of her clients so that they can therapeutically process their underlying issues and begin moving forward. Besides gaining a connection and sense of belonging from a relationship with nature, Sarah uses eco-therapy by incorporating land art: creating art with earth materials. She is an active member of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), the Delaware Valley Art Therapy Association (DVATA), and the Junior League of York.

Samuel Choura, Therapist

Samuel Choura, MS

Samuel is a Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a current member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, recognized as one of the leading governing bodies of Hypnotherapy. Samuel is a graduate of the California University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He received his certification in Hypnotherapy from the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy in Tampa, Florida where he garnered over 500 hours of training. Samuel operates with the simple philosophy that past events lead to false beliefs about oneself, which result in negative emotions, which in turn contribute to our behavioral struggles. Through Hypnotherapy and Counseling, Samuel assists our clients in resolving these past events, false beliefs, and negative emotions which ultimately lead to a place of self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Jennifer Tichy, Therapist

Jennifer Tichy, MS

Jennifer has worked with clients struggling with addiction throughout her therapeutic career. She has her MS in Psychology and has worked primarily in outpatient treatment settings in the past, focusing on her work with substance abuse clients. She is a trained Psychotherapist taking a cognitive approach to her individual and group therapy sessions through the modality of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Through her background in outpatient treatment, Jennifer has the opportunity to work with clients not only on their addiction issues but also has focused on Life Skills, Marriage and Family, Relapse Prevention, and, more. Jennifer focuses her attention to address each client's specific circumstances so as to assist in developing the most individualized and effective treatment plan and process for every client, fully addressing the neurobiological disorder of addiction.

Katharine Sprague, Therapist

Katharine Sprague, MSW

Katharine has a Bachelor of Social Work from McDaniel College and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from University of Maryland. She has been in the addictions field for over 12 years and has experience working with clients upon admission as an intake counselor and throughout treatment, as a family therapist. Katharine has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings and focuses on helping clients to realize their potential and self-worth. Her knowledge of addiction and her clinical experience addressing underlying traumas help her to assist clients in identifying and treating the issues each is struggling with.

Diana Gross, Music Therapist

Diana Gross, MT-BC
Music Therapist

Diana is a Board-Certified Music Therapist who has experience working in inpatient psychiatric facilities, hospice care programs and with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. She holds a Music Therapy degree from Temple University and takes a client-centered, humanistic approach in her therapeutic interactions with clients. The iso-principle is central to her work, as she believes in meeting clients where they are in their journey and using this as a base for therapy. Her goal is to help clients connect with music on a personal level to enhance communication skills through the relationship with music and the therapist. Utilizing music interventions allows clients the opportunity to express themselves through a creative medium, during which they can begin to analyze music and its correlation to underlying emotions and outside relationships. Using client-preferred musical selections, Diana engages clients in receptive and active music therapy experiences such as music listening, lyric analysis, improvisation, song-writing, and relaxation interventions.

Sasha Hornock, Neurobiofeedback Technician

Sasha Hornock
Neurobiofeedback Technician

Sasha holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology. She was recently with Bucknell University in the biochemistry department focusing on the effects of hormones on an individual's neurobiological feedback regulation. She is currently pursuing her degree as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and received additional training in Neurobiofeedback at the Center for Brain Training. She has tailored her approach at Clarity Way to specialize in addiction treatment, mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety, as well as cognitive restoration. As a Neurobiofeedback technician, Sasha assists clients in repairing brainwaves that may have been altered and become unbalanced during active addiction. This process helps clients to regain brain functioning through re-training the brain to be the healthiest and most effective it can possibly be, helping clients to make significant headway therapeutically.

Frankie Singleton, Neurobiofeedback Technician

Frankie Singleton
Neurobiofeedback Technician

Frankie has a BA in Marketing from York College of PA and is trained in Motivational Interviewing. As a Neurobiofeedback Technician, Frankie assists clients in repairing brainwaves that may have been altered and become unbalanced during active addiction. Frankie's knowledge of neurobiofeedback allows him to explain the benefits of Neurobiofeedback in a way that's relative to each client's personal therapeutic needs. Frankie enjoys helping clients establish clear goals that give them direction to make positive changes in their lives. Frankie is a believer in giving back both professionally and personally and spends time volunteering for The ARC and fundraising for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). He is currently working towards his MBA.

Olivia Scutta, Therapist

Olivia Scutta, MS
Aftercare Therapist

Olivia earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University, and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in the substance abuse and mental health field.

Olivia takes a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy and works with each client to help reach his or her individual goals through individual, group, and aftercare therapy sessions. Olivia's philosophy is to take an empathetic approach with clients, come together with them to work as a team, help address underlying issues, bring out client's strengths, and assist them in discovering the tools to implement in their life and recovery.

Alex Trostle, Therapist

Alex Trostle, MS
Aftercare Therapist

Alex earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University. She is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and has experience engaging clients with dual diagnosis in identifying their underlying issues related to their addiction. At Clarity Way, Alex assists clients in discovering their distinct strengths and uncovering alternative ways to handle life stressors. Alex also works with clients to develop aftercare plans that will benefit them in recovery. These plans are developed on an individual basis to help clients achieve their long and short term goals and continue the holistic lifestyle upon leaving Clarity Way.

Nursing Team

The well qualified Nursing Team at Clarity Way excels at providing the expert, compassionate care our clients need during what is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times in their lives. Each and every one of our nurses provides careful medical supervision over our detoxing clientele, many of whom may suffer from significant health issues during early recovery. Our recovering clients and family members see the caring faces of our nurses and can relax, knowing their most pressing health needs are in experienced hands.

  • Katrina Mooney, Director of Nursing

    Katrina Mooney

    Director of Nursing
  • Condoda Smith-Boyle, Nurse Practitioner

    Condoda Smith-Boyle

    Nurse Practitioner
  • Laura Edwards, Nurse

    Laura Edwards

  • Jennifer Ahrens, Nurse

    Jennifer Ahrens

  • Alexia Beaver, Nurse

    Alexia Beaver

  • Lauren O'Connell, Nurse

    Lauren O'Connell

  • Brandi Reber, Nurse

    Brandi Reber

  • Nicole Lord, Nurse

    Nicole Lord

  • Ashley Leppo, Medical Assistant

    Ashley Leppo

    Medical Assistant
  • Christine Fousek, Medical Assistant

    Christine Fousek

    Medical Assistant

Holistic Team

Clarity Way's staff believes that healing the body, the mind, and the spirit begins with treating each for the rigors of addiction and stress. Our holistic treatment team incorporates Massage Therapy, Yoga, Fitness Training, and Chiropractic care into each client's personalized treatment plan as necessary to achieve these ends. The Clarity Way holistic team includes three Massage Therapists, two Fitness Trainers and one Chiropractor. Our staff addresses our clients' most pressing health and wellness needs, and performs these treatments and beneficial activities on-site at Clarity Way's state-of-the-art facility.

  • Debbie Schon, Director of Holistic Services

    Debbie Schon

    Director of Holistic Services
  • Corinne Bensel, Massage Therapist

    Corinne Bensel

    Massage Therapist
  • Kelly Harrold, Massage Therapist

    Kelly Harrold

    Massage Therapist
  • Jennifer White, Massage Therapist

    Jennifer White

    Massage Therapist
  • Susan Peace-Geisel, Yoga Instructor & Fitness Trainer

    Susan Peace-Geisel

    Yoga Instructor
    Fitness Trainer
  • Kathy Ward, Fitness Trainer

    Kathy Ward

    Fitness Trainer
  • Dr. Kevin Owens, Chiropractor

    Dr. Kevin Owens


Recovery Support Team

Clarity Way's holistic recovery support team is comprised of respected field professionals who provide our clients with the caring, empathetic support they require. Our team is led by a highly-respected, Certified Recovery Specialist who is an active member of the professional addiction community and assists clients on their own individual recovery paths, which may or may not include 12-step programming. Each member of our team provides our clients with the guidance needed to make healthy decisions as recovery continues.

  • Randy Jefferson, Head of Recovery Support Staff

    Randy Jefferson, CRS

    Head of Recovery Support Staff
  • Melissa Branham, Recovery Support Staff

    Melissa Branham

    Recovery Support Staff Shift Supervisor
  • Curtis Alban, Recovery Support Staff

    Curtis Alban

    Recovery Support Staff Shift Supervisor
  • Andres Zayas, Recovery Support Staff

    Andres Zayas

    Recovery Support Staff
  • Adam Johnson, Recovery Support Staff

    Adam Johnson

    Recovery Support Staff
  • Barbara Perry, Recovery Support Staff

    Barbara Perry

    Recovery Support Staff
  • Michelle Owings, Recovery Support Staff

    Michelle Owings

    Recovery Support Staff
  • Dave Ferguson, Recovery Support Staff

    Dave Ferguson

    Recovery Support Staff
  • Meghan Sullivan, Recovery Support Staff

    Meghan Sullivan

    Recovery Support Staff

Administrative Team

Our administrative team includes dedicated professionals who serve a diverse array of Clarity Way needs. These essential staff members include our Outreach Services team, our Communications and Marketing professionals, and our Operations staff. Our Guest Liaison, Executive Chef, and Housekeeping team members make the Clarity Way facility a wonderful place to visit and recover. Without our administrative staff, our therapy, clinical, holistic, and recovery teams could not provide the cutting edge care and compassionate support our clients and their families have come to rely on. At Clarity Way, each and every one of our team members cares about our clients' full, life-lasting recoveries.

  • Michele McCleary, VP of Operations

    Michele McCleary

    Vice President of Operations
  • Brian Thorn, Executive Director

    Brian Thorn

    Executive Officer
  • Michael Lyles, Business Development Director

    Michael Lyles

    Business Development Director
  • Member of Friendly Facility Staff

    Lisa McKinney-Hess

    Utilization Review Coordinator
  • Ron Thorn, Director of Acquisition

    Ron Thorn

    Director of Acquisition
  • Jill Bernstein, Human Resources Manager

    Jill Bernstein

    Human Resources Manager
  • Anne Berenstein, Accounting

    Anne Berenstein

  • Meggie Sanders, Operations Assistant

    Meggie Sanders

    Operations Assistant
  • Mandy May, Guest Liason

    Mandy May

    House Manager
  • Ozzie Velez, Executive Chef

    Ozzie Velez

    Executive Chef
  • Donna Descheemaeker, Lead Cook

    Donna Descheemaeker

    Lead Cook
  • Jamie Keslar, Assistant Chef

    Jamie Keslar

    Assistant Chef
  • Jon Harcourt, Food Service Technician

    Jon Harcourt

    Food Service Technician
  • Christopher Daniels, Food Service

    Christopher Daniels

    Food Service Technician
  • Larry McIntyre, Maintenance

    Larry McIntyre

  • Robin Weaver, Housekeeping

    Robin Weaver

  • Krista Stelfox, Housekeeping

    Krista Stelfox

  • Crystal Sentz, Housekeeping

    Crystal Sentz

  • Maritza Quinones, Housekeeping

    Maritza Quinones

  • Linda Brenneman, Housekeeping

    Linda Brenneman


Justin Daniels, CADC, CCAC - President/CEO, Founder
Justin began his career owning and operating a disaster restoration business. His ServiceMaster franchises were located in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. His companies aided in the restoration at the Pentagon after 9/11 and the hurricanes in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. After facing his own struggles with addiction, Justin made the decision to create a facility that offered a fresh perspective to addiction treatment. Clarity Way was formed by Justin and his wife, Robin, as the answer to their own search for a quality rehabilitation facility. Justin is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Certified Chemical Addictions Counselor.

Robin Daniels, CADC, CCAC - Facility Director, Founder
Robin began her career in education as the owner and operator of Robin's Nest Daycare and Preschool, established in 1990. Her education background focused on a multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory approach to learning, which she has incorporated in the Clarity Way curriculum. Robin's position as Facility Director is to oversee the programming to provide excellence in all aspects of care. Robin has an AS in Business, a BS in Psychology, and a Pennsylvania State Teaching Certification. She is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Chemical Addictions Counselor.

Michele McCleary - Vice President of Operations
Michele's background includes work in education, public relations, customer service, and operations. She has a BA in Strategic and Organizational Communications and has been with Clarity Way since its inception. Michele was instrumental in the opening of Clarity Way, collaborating on all of the planning and marketing for the facility. Her role as Vice President of Operations allows her to focus on the day-to-day running of the facility as well as addressing client and staff needs.

Krista Snively - Business Development Director
Krista has over seventeen years in healthcare marketing and outreach, spending over half of her career in the substance abuse and mental health industry. She earned a Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Krista establishes and maintains business relationships and resources that are of help for Clarity Way clients.

Jennifer White - Massage Therapist
Jennifer is a licensed Massage Therapist who trained at the Baltimore School of Massage. She has experience in sports massage, Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, Shiatsu, Russian sports massage, and reflexology. She recently completed Level 1 certification for Reiki, a form of energy medicine that does not involve touch. Her focus is to provide massage techniques that fit each client's individual needs to help heal the body inside and out. Through therapeutic touch, Jennifer provides physical relaxation to help sooth muscles and rid the body of toxins.

Corinne Bensel - Massage Therapist
Corinne is a licensed Massage Therapist and received training at the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Her forte is sports massage, but she is trained in multiple types of massage and bodywork of both Western and Eastern origin. Corinne is extremely experienced in massage therapy, having prior experiences working in both an athletic club and a spa. She enjoys being able to help Clarity Way clients in a holistic way by offering tension release through massage therapy.

Debbie Schon - Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor
Debbie is a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor certified by the American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association. She has training in and teaches aerobics, cycling classes, bodyworks, pilates, water aerobics, and a Silver Sneakers program. Debbie has been working as a Personal Trainer since 2000. At Clarity Way, she focuses on collaborating with clients to create a fitness plan that allows them to achieve a healthy self by lowering anxiety levels and stress and by increasing energy levels, as well as providing physical benefits.

Ozzie Velez - Executive Chef
Executive Chef Ozzie Velez brings many years of executive-level chef experience to Clarity Way. His working history includes exclusive resorts, country and yacht clubs, historic restaurants and corporate hotels in New York, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Culinary Federation and holds a Food Manager's Certification, Serve Safe, and a certificate from the Department of Health and Quality Control.

In addition, Chef Ozzie has worked with distinguished Executive Chef, Restaurateur and James Beard recipient Robert Waggoner at the famed Wild Boar Restaurant in Nashville, TN.

Chef Ozzie's talent, background and experience are key components to Clarity Way's culinary team. His approach to scratch cooking, presentation and quality far exceed the standards throughout the industry and his passion for food and individualized service are evident in every meal that is produced.

Bruce Hershfield, MD - Consulting Psychiatrist
Dr. Hershfield is the Consulting Psychiatrist at Clarity Way, Inc. He began his career in 1974 after completing his training in Psychiatry at UNC, where he was chief resident. He moved to Maryland to take a position with Sheppard Pratt, a dual diagnosis facility, where he remained for six years. He then went on to hold the position of Medical Director at Highland Health Facility in Baltimore from 1980 through 1986. Dr. Hershfield was offered and accepted the position of Superintendent of Springfield State Hospital in 1986, where he remained until 1993, when he left the public sector to open a private practice in Maryland. Dr. Hershfield continues his private practice today, as well as lending his services to Clarity Way as well as other renowned facilities, including Johns Hopkins where he serves as an Associate Professor. He is a former President of the Maryland Psychiatric Society (MPS) and was selected as the MPS 2003 Lifetime of Service Award Recipient for his extraordinary contributions to the welfare of his patients and profession. He is exceptional in his field and is able to serve our clients with his tremendous experience in both addiction and mental health work.

Donna Descheemaeker - Lead Cook
Lead Cook Donna Descheemaeker is the longest-tenured member of Clarity Way's culinary team. She is a self-taught chef, gaining kitchen experience in the South Central PA food community. Donna's local roots provide a home-like feel to the food, providing warmth and comfort to those she serves. She produces generational recipes and scratch cooking which reflect the Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and heritage that is so highly recognized in this part of the country. Donna's passion, food style and knowledge bring balance and familiarity to Clarity Way's culture and ambiance, resulting in everyone feeling welcomed and satisfied with the meals she so skillfully prepares.