Standards of Care

Neurobiological Focus

We understand the complex ways in which addiction and trauma change the brain. Treatment is informed by the latest scientific research, and we implement interventions that heal the brain, target triggers and cravings, and develop new neural pathways.

Addiction Containment

We use a combination of physical, social, contractual, and biological measures to support recovery while exploring patient acceptance and resistance to containment. We believe that containment in the early stages of recovery is critical, while individuals gain the tools and skills necessary to manage triggers and cravings.

Medication Assisted Treatment

We understand that individuals need support to manage cravings and prevent relapse while the brain is healing, and normal emotional and decision-making capabilities are being restored. We individualize MAT based on the medical and clinical assessment of needs.

Recovery Skills and Support Groups

Treatment includes core components of basic recovery: 12-step work, meditation skills, and building a daily self-reflection process. We encourage support group participation, which has proven successful in enhancing self-efficacy, improving motivation, and building healthy social networks.

Building Emotional Awareness and Resilience

Using evidence-based approaches, such as DBT and CBT, we teach individuals to identify emotional states in themselves and others, while learning and practicing emotional resilience techniques and coping skills.

Changing the Internal Narrative

We help individuals to correct destructive self-talk and negative self-concept. By deepening the individual’s understanding of their defense mechanisms, we help lead them out of maladaptive interpersonal styles putting them at risk of relapse. We also address shame, resiliency, courage, and vulnerability.

Connectedness and Spirituality

Individuals learn meaningful connections and healthy interdependence with others. We help individuals build a personal spiritual framework while fostering post-traumatic growth through meta-spiritual concepts such as meaning-making, purpose, and forgiveness.

Systemic Approach

We understand that addiction and mental health issues affect everyone close to the individual. Thus, comprehensive treatment must include healing in those primary relationships. We offer family education, conjoint therapy, and multi-family groups. We also involve key stakeholders in relapse prevention plans.

Relapse Prevention

We help individuals develop a deeper understanding of triggers and cravings, equipping them with concrete skills and strategies. Individuals learn the basic components of relapse prevention and construct a relapse prevention plan that is specific to their needs.

Trauma-Informed Care

Due to the complex overlap of trauma, mental illness, and addiction; comprehensive treatment seamlessly addresses all three issues. We maintain the stance that all treatment should include “universal precautions” of trauma through the implementation of trauma-informed care.


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Promises Behavioral Health is driven by one simple promise: to help our clients find the strength, inspiration, and hope to begin a new life in recovery.

Woman reading about Clarity WayClarity Way is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable treatment for mental health issues as well as alcohol or drug addiction in South Central Pennsylvania. We offer specialized treatment for all types of addiction, including holistic treatment, dual diagnosis, and also pain management. To find out more about Clarity Way, then feel free to contact us today.

We can meet with you at our rehab center in Hanover, PA and go over your treatment options. We offer exceptional individualized care as well as a holistic approach to treatment in a safe, private setting. With Clarity Way, you do not have to battle addiction alone.

Treatment Services That We Offer

Regardless of the addiction that you are suffering from, we offer a wide range of treatments to help you recover, such as:

In addition, we also offer addiction education on substance abuse and chemical dependency. With therapy, treatment, and education, you can have a greater understanding of the underlying issues that trigger your addiction. You can learn about the biological, genetic, interpersonal, and social elements that contribute to your dependency.

Why Choose Clarity Way for Treatment

At Clarity Way, we design treatment plans that meet your unique needs. You can find the right treatment plan that meets your needs in a relaxed environment with caring professionals. We can help you in several ways, such as:

Holistic Treatment

We use multiple holistic treatment methods that care for your mind, body, and spirit. You can incorporate your holistic treatment into your main therapy program. Holistic treatment includes physical activity, proper nutrition, team building, and also spiritual activities.

Individualized Treatment

We limit the number of clients that attend our program so that we can spend more time focusing on personalized care. As a result, your treatment consists of individual counseling sessions and small group therapy. In addition, you may request other types of treatments that are applicable to your addiction.

Caring Staff That Meets Your Needs

Each member of our addiction treatment staff has extensive training in addiction, mental health issues, and chronic pain issues. Our staff includes licensed therapists, board-certified physicians, nursing staff, as well as highly trained treatment specialists.

Support for Your Family

Addiction affects your entire family. As such, we provide support for your family through therapy and activities. Your family will be able to communicate with you and play a role in your recovery, as well as theirs.

Our Philosophy

At Clarity Way, we believe that you should receive personalized therapy programs with one-on-one attention that helps you receive the highest level of treatment. Therefore, we tailor your treatment according to your personal needs so that you can get clean and stay clean.

We believe that the more invested you are in your treatment, then the more likely you are to complete your programs. Thus, we offer a wide range of treatments that are suited to your interest and help you accomplish your goals.

You can disconnect from your stress, anxiety, and addiction in a relaxed setting that allows you to focus on getting better. We want to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit for long-term recovery from addiction.

Find Out More About Clarity Way

To find out more about Clarity Way, contact us today at 17172253906. We are here to help you overcome your addiction and find peace in your life. Call us to learn more about our therapies.