Welcome To Rooted: Clarity Way Alumni Communities

Rooted is a free service provided to alumni from any of the Promises family of treatment centers to attend for life and is offered weekly at a variety of cities nationwide and online through our virtual meetings on the Zoom platform.

As society is aligning with the social adjustments needed for purposeful distancing, we have adjusted our sails so that we can navigate these winds and lead our alumni and others in recovery through these storms while continuing to provide meaningful avenues of connection.

Until further notice, We are welcoming all people in all forms of recovery (including those who did not attend treatment with us) to join us on any of our recently-expanded range of virtual recovery meetings. No matter what you are recovering from or what brought you here, WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!

Below you will find our live calendar listing each of our virtual recovery meetings that are accessible to anyone worldwide all week, every week!

Jonathan Vanaskie | Alumni Adviser
Clarity Way
Phone: (570) 809-3351
Email: jonathan.vanaskie@promises.com


All of our alumni coordinators are peer recovery trained.

Clients hugging at their Clarity Way alumni programClarity Way Alumni Program

Addiction is often known as a chronic condition that you may have to deal with for the rest of your life. After you get through detox and treatment, you will still need ongoing support to help you stay sober. We offer our Clarity Way Alumni Program as a way to help you stop abusing drugs and alcohol for the rest of your life.

Our alumni program empowers you to give and receive support to and from those who also suffer from the same addiction as you do. Clarity Way alumni are those who have stayed committed to being clean and demonstrated a high level of consistency over time.

How the Clarity Way Alumni Program Works

There are several elements to a successful alumni program for alcohol and drug addiction.

Offers a Smooth Transition Back into the Real World

The idea of a substance abuse treatment program is to help isolate you from both your addiction and what is causing your addiction so that you can focus on getting well. An alumni program does just the opposite. It helps you to reconnect with the real world so that you can settle back into your normal life.

There Are Several Ways to Access Alumni

The primary way to get in touch with successful alumni is through Clarity Way’s alumni program. We have a network of people throughout the Pennsylvania area who can help you as you transition back into daily life. There are also numerous online and telehealth services that you can take advantage of.

You Feel Like You Are Part of a Community

Addiction brings isolation. Recovery, however, helps you to connect with others so that you do not feel alone. Our alumni program helps you to feel like you are a part of a community of people who are also on the path to recovery. There is always someone who can help you stay clean and overcome your temptations.

Part of a Treatment Program

An alumni program can be a powerful part of your overall treatment plan. You will appreciate how much added focus, encouragement, and support it gives you. The longer you stay clean, the more important support from your peers becomes.

Treatment Services We Offer for Addiction

In addition to our hugely successful Clarity Way alumni program, we also offer a wide range of services, including:

No matter what type of treatment you need, you can get it from our experience and highly-trained professionals.

Find Out More About the Clarity Way Alumni Program

If you are looking for additional support for your addiction, then contact Clarity Way today. We are here to provide the most extensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in Pennsylvania. To find out more, give us a call today at 17172253906 and ask us about our Clarity Way Alumni Program. We hope to see you enjoying your recovery here soon.