Woman using the Clarity Way business center during rehab treatmentAn important part of the addiction treatment process involves gaining the skills needed to sustain recovery once clients leave the protective drug rehab environment. At Clarity Way treatment center we provide clients the opportunity to engage in situations they will encounter after treatment while still in drug rehab. This allows them to embark on these experiences within a supportive setting where they can address any issues that arise and practice ways of dealing with potential stressors. This approach helps clients develop tools needed in “real-world” circumstances post-treatment.

Clarity Way Business Center

As part of this approach, we offer clients the opportunity to occasionally attend to business or personal obligations (as clinically appropriate). Our business center is a beautiful room located in the main house with large windows overlooking our campus. It’s quiet, and equipped with two computers and a printer. Clients can use this area for conference calls, scheduling travel, printing itineraries or attending to business needs.

Why Amenities Matter

We understand that the clients who enroll in our treatment programs are normal people. You have responsibilities and duties to maintain sometimes during treatment. Your recovery is meant to get you back to living a healthy life. For this reason, we want you to be able to maintain personal and business relationships while in treatment. Our Clarity Way business center allows clients to do both. It provides avenues of communication and the tools and technology they may need to do so. Whether you need to maintain contact with family, a significant other, or employer, you will have those capabilities at Clarity Way.

Get a treatment experience that fits your life and allows you to continue living that life. Clarity Way is that drug rehab facility and our Clarity Way business center can help you do that. Call now for a confidential consultation: 17172253906