Client smiling as he enjoys his Clarity Way experienceThe one thing that truly sets us apart from other drug rehab centers is the Clarity Way experience. We offer a variety of unique amenities that can help you feel comfortable and relaxed at the center. It’s important to help you keep sane and centered during treatment.

A Life-Changing Journey

At Clarity Way addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center, we meet clients where they are rather than expecting them to conform to a set rehab program. This individualized, holistic approach more effectively guides clients to long-lasting recovery. Call us at 17172253906 to start your life-changing journey.

Heal with Incredible Amenities

Finding the path to recovery is challenging. We believe this task is easier when all of the client’s needs are addressed. That is why we offer amenities such as private rooms, exceptional dining, a business center, Internet access, a fitness center, massages, and a heated pool, to name just a few.

Attend to the Whole Self

Clients engage in recovery-enhancing alternative and traditional activities such as group fitness training, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture. A professional-quality music and recording studio, as well as an art studio, provide opportunities for creative expression.

Learn to Live Again

Clients are free from the stress and triggers of their usual environment but not cut off from everyday life. They are able to attend to work and personal obligations in a safe space while acquiring the tools to sustain recovery. Clients obtain everyday life skills, addiction education, and relapse prevention resources. Our clients learn how to continue on their path to recovery long after they’ve left treatment.

Focus on You

We customize each client’s substance abuse treatment program, taking into account what most speaks to them and promotes sustainable change and healing. We treat only a small number of clients at a time, so activities and therapeutic approaches are customizable to each person and evolve as recovery progresses. Call 17172253906 now to start the recovery process.

Benefit From Expertise

Our treatment team is specially trained in addiction and includes therapists, a board-certified addiction physician, and a 24-hour nursing staff. Together, they offer our clients decades of field-leading practical expertise while providing the custom-tailored treatment they require to stay the course in recovery.

Recover With Privacy and the Clarity Way Experience

We know not everyone is comfortable sharing their recovery story. That’s why we ensure the utmost privacy through adherence to rigorous standards of confidentiality. Discreet arrival and departure can be arranged, and high-profile clients who desire maximum anonymity can choose to rent out all or a portion of our smaller residence, The Cottage. Call 17172253906 to learn more about The Cottage.