Specialized Luxury Rehab and Detox at the Clarity Way Facility in PA: Recovery-Enhancing Comfort

We believe recovery is most effective within a setting that encompasses an array of comfortable accommodations, fine amenities and fulfilling activities that address each client’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs. In this environment, clients can focus solely on recovery as they are nurtured in resort-like comfort. Our clients live in one of two home-like residences with a number of amenities that support recovery. Private suites and en suite bathrooms are available for an additional charge.

Explore Our Main Facility

Our main facility features welcoming gathering areas, a fitness center, kitchen, and private and semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms. There are four lounge areas throughout the main facility as well as a business center with computer access, Wi-Fi and more. Call 17172253906 to learn more about our facilities.

Explore The Cottage

Our second residence is a nine-bed facility featuring large rooms with en suite private baths available. Like our main residence, The Cottage also includes Wi-Fi, lounge areas, a fitness center and a kitchen. Call 17172253906 to learn about The Cottage.

* Because The Cottage is a smaller residence, the entire facility or a portion of it can be rented out if a client desires additional discretion.

Why Clarity Way Facilities are Preferred

At Clarity Way, our facilities are designed with clients in mind at every turn. From our suite of addiction treatment programs to the way our staff think and operate, we have only your best health on our minds. Our locations provide the same quality drug and alcohol rehab therapies so you can feel confident in your treatment regardless. When you enroll in the Clarity Way faciltiies, you’ll havev access to a wide range of therapies including:

These are just a few of the various therapies we can offer to accompany your drug rehab programs. The idea of these complimentary programs is to help your mental and emotional state as well as your physical symptoms. If you’re ready to enroll in life changing rehab then give us a call today at 17172253906!