Woman in recovery thanks to the Clarity Way philosophy of drug rehabThe Clarity Way philosophy is simple. You determine your treatment path, and we help ensure that your path is successful. We offer a wide array of treatments and programs all inside an amenity-rich facility set in the beautiful Pennsylvania landscape. Clarity Way provides standard and alternative approaches to substance abuse treatment programs so that you can fully heal from your addiction.

The Clarity Way Philosophy

One of the reasons why our addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania is successful is due to our core beliefs, such as:

Each Client Recovers Differently

Your treatment plan should reflect your circumstances. Since we have only a few clients at a time, we can focus on giving you a more personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

Whether you want to participate in traditional treatments only or explore non-traditional treatments as a supplement, we can help you put together the right plan. Each plan is tailored according to your specific needs and helps you meet your goals.

Activities Are Based on Your Particular Interests

One of the ways that we help you explore your addiction is by allowing you to engage in different activities. These activities can include music, art, meditation, hiking, etc. Different activities offer different therapeutic elements that allow you to focus inward and find healing.

You may engage in physical activities, diet and nutrition, creative activities, and group activities. Regardless of what you want to do, a Clarity Way therapist can help you every step of the way.

Our Treatment Addresses the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our therapy is designed to help you find healing in all areas of your life. You can participate in yoga, massage therapy, and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Our treatment specialists can help you maintain sobriety as you move more deeply into each activity.

When you find healing within, you are likely to let go of destructive behaviors and patterns that have triggered your addiction.

Services That We Offer

Part of our philosophy includes offering a wide range of treatment services so that you have options. Some of our services include:

You can meet with us to go over all the treatment options available to you. Our warm and caring staff can perform an assessment of your addiction and any possible mental health conditions you may be dealing with. From there we can make recommendations on which treatment plans are best for you.

We can help you recover from addiction every step of the way, including detox, initial treatment, and long-term support once you complete your program.

Contact Clarity Way Today

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there is help available to you. Clarity Way offers comprehensive treatment for chemical dependency and long-term addiction. To find out more about the Clarity Way philosophy and services that we offer, then give us a call today at 17172253906. We can help you get on the road to recovery.