People who enjoy the Clarity Way family involvement for drug rehabFamily Involvement

When you suffer from an addiction, your entire family is affected in many different ways. Those closest to you may have to deal with your addiction and also be there during your recovery. Family involvement allows each member of your family to witness your recovery and experience healing on their own.

Clarity Way family involvement gives your family an opportunity to heal from the destruction that addiction causes. When your family works together in a family therapy program to help you with your addiction, you have a greater chance of achieving a full recovery.

Family Involvement Treatment Services

Clarity Way provides healing for addiction by offering treatment your entire family can participate in. Some of the treatment options we offer include:

  • Family therapy and group therapy
  • Holistic activities for families
  • Psychotherapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual therapy

When you meet with a Clarity Way specialist, we can assess how addiction has affected each member of your family. From there, we can put together a treatment program that directly addresses the issues.

The underlying goal is to help your family heal from all the pain that the addiction has caused. With the right treatment, it is possible for your family to stay together and grow as you learn about each other and yourselves.

How Addiction Affects Your Family

In short, while you may think that addiction only affects you, this disease also very much affects your family. It puts everyone at risk. Everyone feels what the addiction does to you. The anger when you don’t have it. The money spent to keep your habit, which drains the family bank account.

These painful experiences will dominate all of the relationships you have with your children, partner, extended family, and even your in-laws. All of which become victims who need help handling the addiction you feel.

Eventually, your family will react to your addiction in ways that break down the family unit. The ending result is that you may suffer from a divorce or your children want to leave the home.

Addiction can also cause long-term issues, such as:

Inner Turmoil

Addiction can lead to severe inner turmoil and mixed emotions. Your family may experience fear, embarrassment, stress, bitterness, or even guilt. What’s worse is that your family may not discuss these issues.

A Loss of Security

No one will feel safe at home, due to your addiction. This can mean children who fear you when you feel intoxicated. The inability to drive someone because you’re typically under the influence. Sometimes family members will not invite friends and neighbors into your house, for fear that you’ll lash out. Your addiction subjects your loved ones to numerous dangerous situations.

Breakdown in Responsibilities

Due to your drug and alcohol abuse, you may avoid all responsibilities at home or work. Your loved ones will no longer depend on you to pick up groceries, grab the kids from soccer practice, or land a steady job.

Poor Communication

You will lose your inability to communicate well with family and friends. Rather than talking through a problem, you’ll throw objects or yell, causing panic to spread. With this type of behavior, your loved ones will pull away from you and begin to no longer communicate, even about basic stuff.

Zero Boundaries

Since you will be so focused on yourself, you’ll stop putting effort into your home environment. All of your loved ones will live in an environment with no rules and no structure. When this happens, children will no longer become a priority and they’ll grow up in a household that puts them in a very unfair advantage against parents with rules and discipline.

Get Started Today with Your Addiction Treatment

If addiction has affected your family, then it is time to get a new start. The addiction treatment team at Clarity Way can help your family recover from addiction as you grow together. Your family can provide a tremendous amount of support during your recovery. Call us today at 17172253906 to find out more about family involvement.