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Find Your Path to Recovery

At Clarity Way addiction and dual diagnosis  rehab, we work closely with clients to design programs that meet their unique needs, so that when they return home, they have relevant tools to implement in their daily lives. The beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania provides a relaxing backdrop as clients learn to create and maintain healthy, sober lifestyles. Call 888-879-1289 to find your path to recovery.

How We Help

Treatment for the Whole Self

We employ a multidisciplinary and multisensory treatment approach that considers the mind, body and spirit. Clients’ interests—whether sports, the arts, spirituality, fitness or others—are incorporated into a plan that treats all aspects of the self. We teach clients to nourish their bodies through food and exercise and quiet the mind with meditation and other practices. Learn more or call 888-879-1289.

Highly Individualized Care

Because we limit admissions to a small number of rehab clients at a time, our staff is able to provide an exceptional level of one-on-one care, which includes several hours of  individual therapy sessions per week. We work hand in hand with clients to tailor treatment specific to their interests, beliefs and issues and continuously work with them to adjust that plan if needed as their recovery path evolves.

Expert, Caring Staff

Our treatment team is comprised of a highly trained medical and clinical staff that includes therapists, a psychiatrist (as needed), physicians and 24-hour nursing support. We have extensive, specialized training in addiction, mental health, pain management and dual diagnosis issues. Learn more or call 888-879-1289.

Ability to Stay Connected

Clients are removed from their usual environment but not cut off from everyday life. They are able to attend to work and personal obligations in a safe space while acquiring the tools to sustain recovery. Family members are involved in all aspects of treatment and are able to communicate with their loved ones throughout the process.

A Commitment to Privacy

We provide clients and their loved ones with the highest confidentiality. From the first phone call, we deliver discreet, personalized care. Private arrival and departure can be arranged. Clients who desire even more anonymity may choose to stay at The Cottage at Clarity Way, our six-bedroom executive treatment center.

Your privacy in rehab is a top priority at Clarity Way. Our caring, empathetic staff delivers personalized care that upholds clients’ and families’ needs for confidentiality; and our luxury rehab center in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania provides a private oasis for recovery by:

  • Offering a quiet, secluded but conveniently located recovery setting that is easy to reach via discreet transportation from urban centers like Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Toronto
  • Private and peaceful room accommodations overlooking the lush countryside
  • An extensive on-site staff consisting of  therapists, a board-certified addiction medicine physician, neurofeedback technicians, and  24-hour nurses, allowing clients to receive all that they need in the way of medical and clinical treatment within the privacy and comfort of our facility
  • A very small client population 
  • An exhaustive range of on-site therapies and luxury amenities to treat body, mind and spirit, and which clients can benefit from without having to leave our premises
  • Flexibility in length of stay, respecting clients’ needs for confidentiality

Luxury and Amenities With Meaning

We believe recovery is most effective within a setting that encompasses an array of comfortable accommodations, fine amenities and fulfilling activities that address each client’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs. In this environment, clients can focus solely on recovery as they are nurtured in utmost comfort.

The Power to Choose

Clarity Way alcohol and drug rehab offers both 12-step and non 12-step programs and traditional and alternative treatments—and we let clients decide what works for them. We offer both short- and long-term treatment programs at 14, 30, 60 or 90 days.

Family Involvement

We understand that addiction affects the whole family. Clients participate in family therapy, and family members are closely involved throughout the process. Learn more or call 888-879-1289.

Creative Outlets

We believe allowing clients to tap into their creativity helps them heal. That’s why we provide a variety of outlets for self-expression, including a fully equipped music and recording studio and an art studio.

Effective Aftercare

We work closely with clients to address the challenges they’ll face when they return home and provide them the tools to safely navigate those challenges. Clients meet with an aftercare coordinator to develop an intensive aftercare plan that includes several phone sessions with staff the month after they leave. Learn more or call 888-879-1289.

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