therapist practicing hypnotherapy on patient

What Is Hypnoanalgesia?

The use of hypnoanalgesia (the use of hypnotic suggestion to alleviate pain) can be traced back to the 15th century, although the first clinically detailed literature on hypnosis for pain is attributed to the famous Spanish physician, Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

girl with social anxiety standing outside other group of girls

Coping with Social Anxiety at Work

From all outer appearances, one would never guess one of the world’s top supermodels struggles with social anxiety. Bella Hadid, who graced five Vogue covers, two Elle covers and one Harper’s Bazaar cover in September 2017 alone, is one of an estimated 17 million adults in the U.S. affected by social anxiety disorder (SAD). Many…

girlfriend staring at boyfriend who is staring in other direction

Will My Addicted Loved One Ever Change?  

It’s difficult loving someone with an addiction, especially once you’ve accepted that you have no control over their behaviors. You can bargain with them to stop using drugs or alcohol, even coerce them into treatment, but until they’re intrinsically motivated to get better, they’ll likely continue their destructive behaviors. Sometimes people can find this motivation…

boyfriend holding sad girlfriend's hand and comforting her

10 Things to Do When You Love an Addict

By Jack Gilbert, LCSW, Clinical Director at Clarity Way It’s very common for your life and needs to be off balance when you love someone with an addiction. This can lead to high levels of emotional and physical stress and put you at risk for developing your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Not…

females practicing yoga in gym

Holistic Addiction Treatments Tailored Toward Women

Holistic drug rehab is a unique treatment approach that aims to treat all aspects of those recovering from addiction. It’s a little different than traditional addiction rehab because this approach strives to treat and unify the mind, body and spirit with a variety of therapies, rather than simply treating the symptoms of substance use disorder.