dangers of vaping, someone obscured by vape cloud

Dangers of Vaping

A vape is a device that heats and aerosolizes an inhaled juice or solution. For example, an e-cigarette is a vape that uses a nicotine-based solution. Individuals can also use vaping devices to smoke marijuana. The devices themselves are harmful in certain situations, but the vape juices or solutions are where the main dangers of vaping come…

what is vaping, woman using ecigarette in woods

What is Vaping? Is It Dangerous?

What is vaping? It’s a complicated question. Most people are familiar with vaping in reference to e-cigarettes. Vaping involves inhaling chemicals through a water vapor rather than through smoke. Because they don’t require burning, e-cigarettes are believed to be safer than traditional combustion cigarettes. But vaping can also mean other things. What is Vaping for…