Effective Drug Rehab Means Tailored Treatment

No two people are alike, so why should their drug rehab treatments be the same? A “cookie cutter” approach works at a military boot camp, but not at a treatment facility. Effective drug rehab meets individual needs by tailoring treatment to each individual. Tailoring a program to meet your needs involves many aspects. Exclusive drug…


Building a Community at Rehab

Fostering a sense of community is no small feat, but it is a challenge that Clarity Way accepts each day with vigor and commitment. Our 23-bed facility makes it possible for clients to create important connections with other clients, as well as the staff to create an inclusive, trusting environment that we feel is essential…


Meth Addiction Grows as Attention to Problem Fades

With prescription drug abuse at the forefront of many conversations surrounding substance abuse, less visible substances, including methamphetamine, have fallen from popular discussion and discourse. In an article published by Lakeview Health Systems, they argued that while meth use is on the rise, attention to its dangers are fewer and far between, doing nothing to…