Drugged Driving: A Cause for Concern

While it is drinking and driving that is typically discussed in the mainstream media, another issue, drugged driving, has become much more prevalent in recent years. Thanks to increased awareness, groups are slowly beginning to take action and the nation as a whole is taking a closer look at this often overlooked, yet incredibly dangerous,…


The Importance of Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is based on the concept that there are many contributing factors possible of affecting a person’s well-being, and each of these factors should be taken into consideration when assessing someone’s health. Treating a person with a holistic-based approach means taking the entire person into account; this includes their physical, social and mental being.…


The Holistic Approach to Healing

Say you visit the doctor for a knee injury that occurred a few days after your grandmother passed away. Have you ever wondered why your doctor only asked about your pain and never asked if your emotions had anything to do with it? Quite frankly, the pain in your knee may actually have nothing to…