Demerol Rehab Center

Demerol Rehab: Treatment & Withdrawal

Demerol, also known as meperidine, is a powerful — and powerfully addictive — painkiller. Similar in nature to morphine, Demerol is an opioid narcotic that can cause serious side effects when abused or used in conjunction with other substances, including alcohol. Withdrawing from meperidine alone is not only extremely challenging, it is also unwise because…

UK Ban on Legal Highs

U.K. Plans Blanket Ban on Legal Highs

Designer drugs (or legal highs) have presented a legislative challenge since they first appeared on the market, but the U.K. is looking to defeat the designer drug trade with sweeping legislation that will cover existing legal psychoactive substances as well as newer designer drugs. The new laws could land anybody who sells or produces such…