Recovery Network and Support

How to Establish a Recovery Support Network

Coming out of rehab for drug or alcohol abuse, co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorder, or multiple addictions is a time that many who are new to recovery either look forward to or fear. After being in the safe and nurturing treatment environment where assistance with any difficulties is readily available, being on your…

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Unrealistic Expectations Drive Us Deeper Into Addiction

What’s wrong with trying to control life? What’s wrong with holding the people around us to a higher standard? The problem is that addicts expend a lot of energy trying to micromanage the universe and the people in it. What happens when people and circumstances don’t measure up? We’re angry, disappointed, depressed and resentful. And…


Learning to Love Your Sober Self

If you have been using or abusing drugs or alcohol for any length of time, you have been in the habit of distorting reality. Through addiction to mind-altering chemicals, you have found a way to avoid facing painful or uncomfortable feelings, and most of the time you have been completely numb on an emotional level.

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How to Deal With Recovery and Resentment

You worked hard to quit using, but now that you’re sober, you’re finding yourself feeling angry and resentful. You blame others for the problems in your life, and you believe things would be different if only this person or event hadn’t happened. The problem with resentment is that it lets you avoid dealing with your…

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Old Haunts, New Friends

You did it. You managed your addiction in rehab, and now you’re taking the first steps toward sober living back at home. You’re going to the gym, easing back into work, and feeling more like yourself every day. You’ve even met new friends who are clean and enjoy the same hobbies. But here’s the problem: Your…

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Stress Management and Addiction Recovery

Now that you’re sober, you worry your high-pressure job will end in a return to substance abuse. You’re tired of the same old stress relievers, though, and desire to live the more balanced, satisfying lifestyle you were promised when sobriety became your priority. The good news is that stress and drug abuse or stress and…