An art therapy program can help you during your road to recovery from substance addiction.Art Therapy Program

When you decide to get help with your addiction, Clarity Way provides several options for treatment. One type of alternative therapy we offer is our art therapy program. We combine art therapy with evidence-based treatment so that you have multiple avenues of addressing your substance abuse.

Art therapy allows you to use your creativity and imagination to express yourself in a healthy manner. Our program for art therapy allows you to draw from your experiences and express yourself in a way that is productive.

If you would like to know more about our art therapy program in Hanover, PA, contact us today. We can outline all of the choices available to you and get you started on your treatment program today. Additionally, we offer other holistic therapy programs such as our exercise therapy program and yoga therapy program.

Types of Art Therapy Treatment We Offer

We offer several different options for art therapy, which include:

  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Acting
  • Music
  • Poetry

Each of these treatment options gives you the opportunity to express yourself either individually or in a group. You can convey your thoughts and feelings in ways that may not be as easy during your traditional therapy sessions. Each type of art therapy allows you to express yourself differently during our addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA.

Art Therapy and Psychological Healing

Creativity allows you to expand your mind. More specifically, you can explore areas of your mind to understand and resolve issues you have been dealing with. For instance, painting may give you a way to communicate your emotions in ways that words cannot express.

Clarity Way provides the tools and environment that allow you to be creative. Whether you want to play music, draw images, or even express yourself through dancing, you now have an outlet to engage in these activities. The best part is that you are free to be yourself around people who fully support you.

Art Therapy as a Supplement to Addiction Treatment

Art therapy is a powerful supplement to your overall addiction treatment program, which may include:

Each of these types of treatment can act as your primary treatment. When combined with art therapy, you get a more comprehensive treatment plan. Keep in mind that our art therapy program should never be your primary form of treatment. It is only a supplement.

Benefits of Our Art Therapy Program

Art therapy can play a key role in helping you recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Extensive research has shown that art helps you learn activities that are soothing, allow you to focus, and stimulate your brain in unique ways. Developing a new skill can give you a powerful self-image and promote wellness.

It can also help you develop a hobby that redirects your thoughts and behavior. It keeps you from being idle and being vulnerable to cravings. Most of us have a creative side to us that we rarely explore. Once you discover your creative outlet, it could transform your life.

Once you get out of detox and start your treatment program, feel free to ask your therapist about the options we offer in our program for art therapy. At that time, you can also ask about our exercise therapy program and yoga therapy program.

Start Your Treatment Today at Clarity Way

If you are ready to take the first step with your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, then contact Clarity Way today. Be sure to find out more about our art therapy program in Hanover, PA. You will be glad you did. Call us today at 17172253906 to schedule a consultation with one of our treatment specialists.