This doctor is helping this man achieve a happier state of mind by using a cognitive therapy program.Cognitive Therapy Program

If you have tried to stop substance abuse, but find that you are overwhelmed with negative thoughts, then you may want to try cognitive behavioral therapy. Clarity Way offers healing for addiction through our cognitive therapy program. Our treatment helps address the negative thoughts and behaviors in your life.

Clarity Way’s cognitive therapy program in Hanover, PA can help you overcome your addiction by replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones. Our therapist at our drug and alcohol rehab center can help you transform into a more powerful way of thinking that helps you achieve sobriety. If you would like to know more, then feel free to speak with one of our staff.

Clarity Way is here to help you get back on your feet. We want you to live a positive, healthier life as you battle addiction one step at a time.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Explained

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to boost your mood and alter your view by addressing the negativity and then changing your thoughts, behaviors, and the emotions you feel inside.

Traditional therapy digs back into your childhood to discover the root of your issues. However, CBT focuses on the present moment. Your therapist helps you come up with solutions for dealing with your addiction and any mental health issues you may be facing.

Your Thoughts Influence Your Behavior

It is a well-known fact that your thoughts can influence your behavior. This is why quitting your addiction can be challenging. If you are fixated on drinking or doing drugs, then you are likely to give in to your urges.

However, if it can redirect you to dwell on other things, then you are less likely to give in to your cravings. Your therapist through our addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA can use cognitive behavioral therapy as a catalyst for change in your thoughts and behavior.

A Cognitive Therapy Program as Part of Your Treatment Program

Cognitive behavioral therapy can act as a primary treatment. We can also combine it with other types of treatment, such as group therapy, holistic treatment, and detox. It can also help you if you are starting a medication-assisted treatment.

Some of the additional services we provide for drug or alcohol addiction include:

We provide incoming evaluations to help you decide which types of treatment are best suited to your needs.

Creating a Positive Frame of Mind

It is true that what you can think, you become.

Therefore, if you look at addiction recovery with a negative mindset, you are less likely to complete your program successfully. However, if you are not feeling great about going to rehab, you are not alone. Most people have an initial resistance to a treatment center.

Once you begin working with your Clarity Way therapist, you can start creating a positive frame of mind that becomes the foundation of your recovery. Nobody said that therapy was easy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, however, can help you overcome the mental barriers that are keeping you from getting better.

Learn About Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Our drug and alcohol detox center in Hanover, PA is here to help you overcome the detrimental effects of alcohol or drug use in your life. No matter how severe your addiction is, our cognitive therapy program in Hanover, PA can help you turn your negative state into a productive life. To find out more about our treatment programs, call us at 17172253906.