This couple is undergoing a couples therapy program to work out their issues.Couples Therapy Program

When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with a partner. Your chemical dependency may bring harm to your marriage, not just you. For this reason, we started a couples therapy program in Hanover, PA. Through couples therapy, you can begin to heal your relationship with those you love.

When you enter an addiction treatment facility, you may get the care and therapy you need to overcome your addiction and mental issues. But what about your spouse? To find healing, a spouse therapy program or family therapy program in Hanover, PA can help you repair your marriage and bring you and your spouse closer once again.

How Addiction Can Hurt a Relationship

Substance abuse can impact your marriage in several ways. Some of the ways that addiction can hurt your marriage include:

  • Intense negative feelings over the addiction can lead your spouse to become increasingly depressed or feel anxiety on a regular basis
  • Your partner may choose to limit or eliminate any social activities for fear of taking you anywhere, and your spouse may be making constant excuses for your behavior everywhere they go
  • Worrying all the time can impact your spouse’s physical health
  • There may be verbal, emotional, or physical abuse in the relationship as a result of the addiction
  • In cases where there is addiction within a marriage, you may be destroying your spouse’s finances by spending everything on your addiction
  • You or your spouse may be unable to hold down a job for any period due to the addiction

How a Couples Therapy Program Helps Your Marriage

If you have found that it is challenging to quit drugs or alcohol, even with the aid of a drug and alcohol detox center, you or a spouse member may be dealing with other issues in your marriage. A couples therapy program in Hanover, PA can help reveal these issues and help you work out a plan for working on them one at a time. Additionally, there are other benefits to participating in couples counseling.

First, couples therapy gives your spouse the support they need to get through this difficult time. Couples therapy helps each person in your relationship acknowledge how you can support each other during this difficult time. While support groups may provide additional help, your treatment starts with working out your problems face to face.

Second, if you or your spouse continue to allow or facilitate the negative behavior, then you are enabling the addiction. Couples therapy can help you take an honest look at why the addiction has continued this long and what you can do to stop it.

Third, there may be other issues that have developed as a result of substance abuse. For your relationship to truly heal, you will have to discuss these issues. They may include problems in communication, hurt feelings, distrust, or even motivation to continue the marriage.

Additional Treatment Available for Substance Abuse

In addition to couples therapy, Clarity Way offers other types of recovery services for individuals, couples, and families, including:

A Clarity Way therapist can meet with you to go over all the treatment programs we offer. We can also make recommendations on which one is right for you based on our assessments.

Contact Us Today About Couples Therapy

At Clarity Way, we offer a personalized addiction treatment plan that is suited for couples. Whether you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, your marriage is more likely to survive when both of you recover together. To find out more about our couples therapy program, call our drug and alcohol rehab center in Hanover, PA today at 17172253906.