An EMDR therapy program is one of the most wonderful advancements in trauma treatment. For people struggling with substance abuse as well as self-medication of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, EMDR proves lifesaving. At Clarity Way in Hanover, PA, your addiction treatment includes EMDR for recovery from your past trauma. This therapy and others provided in your recovery program give you the strength and ability to start a new life, the life you truly want.

Clarity Way is an addiction and PTSD treatment center in Hanover, PA. At Clarity Way, you receive advanced dual diagnosis treatment for your addiction and mental health problems. These include PTSD, anxiety, and also depression. We can help whether you suffer PTSD with substance use disorder or other mental health problems. At Clarity Way, you can heal and learn to live your daily life without drugs or alcohol. In fact, you can have the life you want and be a person you respect again through addiction treatment and an EMDR therapy program.

What is EMDR?

Woman enjoying her EMDR therapy program in Hanover, PAAn EMDR therapy program at Clarity Way focuses on treating your trauma through several phases. These phases reconnect you to your memories, images, self-thoughts, sensations, and emotions of the trauma. It uses your brain’s natural healing powers to resolve these negative memories and effects. In other words, Clarity Way’s EMDR therapy program helps you heal from your trauma, so it stops affecting your daily life.

The idea behind an EMDR therapy program is that you suffer trauma symptoms when your brain is overwhelmed by its own activity and responses. Your brain cannot heal naturally because of these overpowering emotions and memories. Using bilateral stimulation, your therapist helps you heal your brain by recalling the trauma within the safe space of treatment. At the same time, your therapist uses sights, sounds, and other external stimuli to redirect how you process your memories.

Does an Emdr Therapy Program Work?

In only eight phases and about a dozen sessions, you feel mostly relieved of your flashbacks, anxiety, isolation, and other symptoms of your trauma. You find yourself more able to think about the events or talk about your traumatic experience without sending yourself into a downward spiral of emotions and reactions.

The eight phases of EMDR therapy include history and treatment planning, preparation, assessment, treatment, and also evaluation. Mental health treatment actually occupies four of the eight phases. During those phases, you recall your memories while doing specific eye movements and hearing sounds like a bell or tap.

Because many people with PTSD or past trauma use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate their symptoms, going through an EMDR therapy program in Hanover, PA, helps you build a stable recovery. Without resolving your trauma, you risk going into quick relapse after drug rehab treatment.

Each EMDR session is about an hour long. In a study conducted by HMO Kaiser Permanente, 100 percent of single-trauma victims and 77 percent of multi-trauma victims no longer received a diagnosis of PTSD after six 50-minute sessions. For combat vets, success rates were at 77 percent of these vets gaining freedom from their PTSD in only 12 sessions.

Of course, an EMDR therapy program Hanover PA at Clarity Way is not the solution to drinking or using drugs. You need a mix of multiple types of therapy and treatment approaches. These essential methods include talk therapy, also called psychotherapy, as well as group and family therapies. Using these methods, Clarity Way provides an individualized treatment plan designed for your own best chance of recovery.

Lasting Addiction Recovery after Trauma

In Hanover, PA, your therapy and treatment at Clarity Way help you build resistance to your substance abuse triggers and temptations. These programs include:

Whether you use alcohol, opioids, benzos, meth, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, or multiple substances to self-medicate your symptoms of trauma, help is near. You only need to talk to a caring counselor at Clarity Way, to learn more about how the right treatment can help you get out of this destructive cycle and back into wellness. You deserve a happier, healthier life. So call Clarity Way now at 17172253906 to learn more about the available treatment, including an EMDR therapy program.