This mother, father, and young son are participating in a family therapy program.Family Therapy Program

Whether you or another person in your family is suffering from addiction, Clarity Way can help you through our family therapy program. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes specialized treatment for each member of your family. Our professional medical staff is here to help you overcome the destructive effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Family therapy can address the addiction and help you heal in all aspects of your life and your family relationships. You can get the treatment you need to bring your family back together as you learn more about how to recover from substance abuse.

You do not have to battle addiction alone. Contact us today so that you can meet one of our specialists to go over your treatment options. A couples therapy program or family therapy program in Hanover, PA may be what you need to get your family back on track.

How Substance Abuse Affects the Family

It is difficult to live with anyone that has an addiction. Eventually, their life choices affect you, your marriage, and your children. Substance abuse is a family disease that can cause a home to become unstable.

The longer the abuse goes on, the more of a physical, mental, and emotional toll it takes on each person in the home. The results can be strained communication, bitterness, anger, and even a desire to leave home. In some cases, you or someone may do something drastic because you do not know how to deal with the situation appropriately. At that point, you need to seek the help of substance abuse treatment programs in Hanover, PA.

What Does Family Therapy Offer?

A family therapy program provides a multi-layered treatment program that can include several types of therapies, including:

Which option is right for you? A Clarity Way treatment specialist can assess where your family is at right now. They can then develop a treatment that helps you get where you want to be. The right treatment will engage every member of your family so that everyone grows and heals together.

Dual Diagnosis Family Therapy

A mental health condition may have either led to addiction or happened as a result of an addiction. In either case, family involvement is necessary to deal with these mental disorders.

Common mental conditions that are associated with alcohol or drug abuse include:

  • Mental health disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Bitterness or anger
  • Depression
  • Sleeping or eating disorders

There is also a wide range of physical problems that may arise from addiction. In some cases, a spouse will form a dependency on a medication to deal with their spouse’s addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses any mental disorders that you or someone in your family is experiencing. By addressing all underlying mental issues, you are more likely to recover from an addiction. Dual diagnosis provides a separate treatment for both the addiction and the mental condition so that you can heal from each.

Family Therapy Program in Hanover, PA

If you are ready to bring healing into your family, then contact Clarity Way. Our addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA can help you deal with your addiction once and for all. To find out more about our service, call us today at 17172253906. The road to recovery begins here, at our family therapy program.