When you enter addiction treatment at Clarity Way in Hanover, PA, you gain access to a multitude of treatment methods and options. One of these methods is Clarity Way’s hypnotherapy program. Hypnotherapy is one type of evidence-based treatment used to aid in your recovery from substance abuse and mental health problems. While it is not a standalone treatment, this approach adds to a well-rounded treatment program.

A hypnotherapy program uses hypnosis paired with psychotherapy under the guidance and leadership of a trained therapist, such as a licensed psychologist. Before starting your hypnotherapy, you learn about the process and how it can suppleHypnotherapy program in Hanover, PA underwayment your program in Clarity Way’s dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover, PA.

What Is a Hypnotherapy Program?

In hypnosis, your therapist takes you into a trance state, an altered state of consciousness. This changed consciousness is not something you just feel. In fact, an EEG can actually detect the altered state and show changed measurements when testing brain waves of hypnotized subjects.

In addiction treatment at Clarity Way, your hypnosis focuses on helping you better understand your addictive behaviors. Your hypnotherapist makes suggestions to you while you are in your trance, and you respond more openly than when fully alert and maintaining conscious barriers to treatment. You are more compliant, passive, imaginative, and able to access more deeply stored memories when hypnotized, too.

Being so relaxed also enables you to see different views of your behaviors. You can more easily visualize changing your behaviors and achieving goals, opening you up to actually doing so. Through a hypnotherapy program, you get in touch with your inner strength and build readiness to make long-term changes where you once felt stuck.

Although many myths exist about hypnotherapy, your Clarity Way hypnotherapy program offers safe engagement with a licensed therapist experienced in these methods. But being relaxed is key to being able to benefit from this particular therapy. So it helps to enter your sessions while not feeling worried, anxious, or doubtful.

What Should You Expect as an Outcome of Your Hypnotherapy?

Some people are more easily influenced after a hypnotic trance. In addiction treatment, this is helpful in strengthening your resolve for sobriety, willpower, and positive decision making. In essence, your goal is for your hypnotherapy to help you resolve past issues while also helping you overcome addiction triggers, cravings, and urges.

Of course, no therapy eliminates addiction. But through your hypnotherapy program in Hanover, PA, you can experience greater strength in your journey into lasting recovery. This method helps you address not just the addiction, but also problems that led you into substance abuse. Any therapy that helps you grow stronger in recovery certainly proves worthwhile.

Along with your hypnotherapy program in Hanover, PA, you need an array of other therapies and approaches proven to help clients stop abusing drugs and alcohol, as well as those designed to resolve problems in your life. You also need coping skills and strategies for wellness developed through education and practice during rehab treatment. Together, a well-rounded mix of approaches, including hypnotherapy, helps you achieve your lifelong sobriety goals.

Finding the Right Treatment in Hanover, PA

Your Hanover, PA treatment at Clarity Way forms a solid foundation for your healthier, happier future in recovery. At Clarity Way, you participate in a mix of programs and therapies designed to meet your individual needs. These programs and therapies include:

The key to creating lifelong recovery for yourself comes from the quality of therapies and treatments received in rehab. Clarity Way helps you find your way to recovery by providing the highest quality of dual diagnosis treatment, programs, and therapies for your best mental and physical wellness after addiction. This treatment includes your own hypnotherapy program. Take the first step toward the healthy recovery you want and deserve by calling Clarity Way in Hanover, PA at 17172253906.