Individual counseling plays an important role in every drug and alcohol treatment program. Multiple studies have shown that fitting the course of treatment to the specific client’s needs is beneficial as it greatly increases chances for a complete recovery. For those battling substance use disorder, Clarity Way offers a solid individual therapy and counseling program in Hanover, PA, alongside the HEART group therapy program.

woman participates in individual counseling with therapist

No two people travel the same recovery path. This is a highly personalized journey that begins with a customized treatment plan. Otherwise, it’s destined to fail. At Clarity Way, we understand this. That’s why we combine the best in traditional, holistic, and alternative therapies to fit every circumstance.

The Role of Individual Therapy

Drug and alcohol treatment programs use various approaches to therapy, including group, family, and individual. Each form is different from the other. Individual therapy is helpful because it puts the client, one-on-one, in front of a skilled therapist who has no foregone conclusions about his or her situation. Unlike friends or family members who’ve heard it all or experienced it all, an individual therapist has no bias going into the relationship. This makes them a solid sounding board and a neutral party to help clients gain a clear perspective.

The relationship between an individual therapist and his client can be highly beneficial in this way. As a client, you’re able to speak freely about your background, experiences, and worries without the fear of hurting someone’s feelings or making someone angry. In addition, you receive valuable feedback on problem areas such as negative thinking or destructive coping patterns. There’s a break between your sessions, usually a day or a week, for you to step away and think about what occurred. When you return, there’s the opportunity to talk about your thoughts.

How Individual Therapy Helps

An individual counseling program in Hanover, PA can help you overcome substance use disorder in several ways:

  • Recognizing the triggers that encourage you to self-medicate
  • Identifying negative patterns of thinking
  • Teaching you newer, healthier coping skills
  • Understanding your risk factors
  • Learning to trust another person

Many people who suffer from substance use disorder have problems asking for help or providing even the simplest forms of self-care. They often feel isolated, unloved, and overwhelmed.

Additionally, they often have trouble trusting others to meet their needs because there have been no stable relationships in their past. Therefore, they may feel that self-medicating with drugs or alcohol is the only way to find relief. Individual counseling with a trained, compassionate, and empathetic therapist can change all that. It can change the negative way you’ve been taught to view the world. It can change your life.

When You’re Ready to Begin the Healing Process

Clarity Way, in Hanover, PA, offers a full range of treatment approaches, including individual counseling. We use a unique, proven combination of holistic and traditional methods to steer you gently toward recovery. Here, you’ll find help for whatever challenges you face, including:

Clarity Way is situated on 15 gorgeous acres in Pennsylvania, amid serene, rolling hills and woodlands. We offer a private, therapeutic setting that encourages healing as well as professional and compassionate staff members who are waiting to travel with you on this most important journey to recovery. When the time is right when you’re ready to reach out and claim a better, brighter future without drugs or alcohol, call us at 17172253906 to experience our individual counseling program Hanover PA. The first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest.