This psychiatrist is using a psychodrama program to help her patient.Psychodrama Program

The psychodrama program at Clarity Way is experiential group therapy. In psychodrama therapy, each program explores how a group can affect their thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors. We offer psychodrama as a part of our holistic treatment program.

Experiential therapy, such as psychodrama, allows you to address your addiction or mental health conditions in ways that other Hanover, PA addiction therapy programs may not explore. It is a great supplement for your main treatment. To find out more about the benefits of our psychodrama program in Hanover, PA, contact us today. We will be happy to go over the details of our holistic treatment options.

The Social Element of Psychodrama

Chances are, if you suffer from addiction, you have probably experienced quite a bit of drama at home, work, or when you are out with friends. Psychodrama allows you to experience these real-life scenarios through drama. The social element of psychodrama stimulates your creativity and spontaneity in drama settings.

A trained therapist guides your drama exercises and actions so that you can learn how to react in certain situations. By interacting in a social setting, you can learn how to respond appropriately to a stressful situation. It is especially helpful when you have a difficult time engaging in social situations without drugs or alcohol. You can develop healthy coping mechanisms and social skills.

Psychodrama as a Supplement to Treatment

Psychodrama offers a powerful supplement to your main treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

You have the opportunity to combine it with treatments such as:

Keep in mind that you should not view psychodrama as a primary form of treatment. Instead, you should combine it with evidence-based treatment. With that in mind, psychodrama offers a way for you to practice what you learn in your other therapy sessions.

Components of Psychodrama

During a psychodrama therapy session, your therapist will choose a theme and then assign roles for the drama. Most roles include the main protagonist and a supporting cast. Each person in the drama acts out their roles. The drama has several possible endings that involve solutions and resolutions. When the drama is finished, the group comes together to discuss what they learned in the drama.

The discussion provides the perfect opportunity for you and others in the drug and alcohol detox center group to share your thoughts and feelings. What did you learn? What did you miss? Which perspectives do you connect with the most? Which character did you identify with?

Some components of psychodrama may include:

The mirror is the protagonist. How did their role or actions in the drama help you see things differently? What perspective did you gain from the role and their part in the story?

A double speaks up for a person who does not wish to participate in the discussion. The idea of the double is to provide support for the silent person.

Role Reversal
Each person in the drama switches roles with another person. This allows people to experience things from a different side of the story. It is a great way to foster empathy in the group.

Future Project
Future projects are dramas that contain scenarios you have not yet experienced. They are designed to help you prepare for these scenarios when they occur in real life.

Learn More About Our Psychodrama Program

If you would like to learn more about our psychodrama program in Hanover, PA, then contact Clarity Way today. We offer an extensive treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction. Call our drug and alcohol rehab center in Hanover, PA at 17172253906 to schedule a consultation with a treatment specialist.