Why do good people fall into the trap of substance abuse issues? Sometimes, it happens because they’re trying so hard to be good people. At other times, there are underlying mood disorders. The Clarity Way REBT program is showing excellent results in both situations.

When Trying to Be Good Causes Problems

Man is comforted during his REBT programYou’re working so hard to be a good employee. When the big project comes up, you know that you need to be on top of your game. You’ve heard about smart drugs that help people stay awake. You try them and like what you see.

Maybe you’re someone who wants to do an excellent job at work or at home. You falsely believe that your self-worth connects to the quality of your work or housekeeping. Therefore, you develop anxiety that’s making it challenging to be your best. A few drinks help you loosen up and be your best around others.

A lot of good people struggle with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. At Clarity Way’s cognitive behavioral therapy program in Hanover, PA, we meet many of them. You didn’t realize that you had this type of diagnosis. Therefore, you self-medicated with drugs or alcohol to deal with symptoms as best as possible.

Introducing the REBT Program

REBT program stands for: rational emotive behavior therapy program. It’s a great way of completely changing the way you view life. In the process, you succeed in eliminating substance abuse triggers. Its goal is to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms for situations that need them.

Take, for example, your work situation. You think that you have to be a model employee. However, that’s not true. All your job requires of you is to do your best.

This means different things on different days. Typically, it means following workplace policies and meeting deadlines. If you can’t meet a deadline, you might ask your supervisor ahead of time for assistance.

However, someone with a self-defeating behavior thinks that they’re a terrible employee for not meeting a deadline. They’ll do anything possible to prevent this from happening. Substance abuse becomes an acceptable alternative. This is how your thoughts and drugs connect.

The REBT Program in Hanover, PA, is a Healthy Alternative

You examine your beliefs about specific situations that currently trigger substance abuse. Are they realistic? If not, you have a chance to change your understanding or the way you think.
Therapists typically use an REBT program together with cognitive-behavioral therapy for this reason. You look past the thought processes to analyze them. Because doing so makes it easy to pinpoint dysfunction, you choose to change your thought patterns. It’s an excellent method for decreasing stressors.

However, there’s more to a rational emotive behavior therapy program. There’s the emotion that previously caused you anxiety or depression. This emotion then led to self-medicating behaviors. Now, you question the feeling.

You learn to manage it as part of dialectical behavior treatment. In situations you can’t change, it’s an empowering modality. You acknowledge your feelings, but you don’t automatically act on them. Instead, you recognize that the intensity of your emotion is irrational, and you choose not to act on it.

Adding an REBT Program to Your Care Protocol

As you can see, the REBT program in Hanover, PA, doesn’t stand alone. Instead, it becomes part of a more extensive set of modalities. Therefore, Clarity Way focuses on healing the whole person. Additional care approaches include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that lets you set benchmarks for recovery and ways for meeting them
  • Family therapy programs that allow loved ones to communicate openly and heal alongside you
  • Psychodrama as a tool for understanding how others perceive situations through role-play
  • 12 Step program participation that introduces you to a higher power and peer accountability
  • Non-12-Step programs, which focus heavily on personal responsibility rather than a higher power

Addiction education is another modality that typically takes place in groups. It’s essential for understanding how the chemicals have acted to hook you. Therefore, it’s part of relapse prevention therapy.

Find out how an REBT program could be the game-changer that you’ve been looking for. At Clarity Way, therapists look forward to answering your questions and working with you. Call 17172253906 right now for insurance verification and to begin the enrollment process.