Drug abuse is a struggle many women face. Although both sexes suffer through addiction, women’s symptoms may be more intense. If you are battling substance abuse, a women’s rehab center program may be necessary for your health. Many different Pennsylvania women’s drug rehab center options exist. We at Clarity Way provide an excellent rehab center program for women.

How Addiction Impacts Women

women sitting in circled group session for women's rehab center program for womenStudies find that men and women experience addiction very differently. These variations affect how rehab and treatment work for each gender. Understanding these differences is critical for getting the proper care. For example, women who abuse substances often:

  • Become addicted more quickly. Smaller doses may addict women faster than men
  • React differently to drugs. Women usually have more intense cravings for certain substances than men
  • Experience hormonal differences. The different chemical makeup of a woman’s body impacts drug recovery
  • Struggle with domestic problems. Domestic abuse and emotional difficulties may make quitting drugs more difficult for women
  • Feel anxiety and fear. Panic attacks, depression, and anxiety are all more common in women who abuse drugs than in men
  • Abuse while pregnant. Substance abuse during pregnancy is dangerous for the woman and her unborn child

This last concern impacts a women’s rehab center program in many ways. Pregnant women who use drugs often pass addictions down to their babies. Abuse of alcohol and tobacco could negatively impact the child’s development. Therefore, addiction care must center around the woman and her child at the alcohol addiction treatment center in Hanover.

Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center Program

At Clarity Way, we have a women’s addiction rehab center program that can help you recover. Our caring specialists understand how drug abuse affects you and your life. We can then provide care options that help you live a healthy life. You can look forward to various benefits, including:

  • Pregnant women receive specialized care to help them and their child
  • Women endure intense withdrawal pain, so we offer skilled medical care
  • Specialized treatment to help patients overcome the mental roots of their addiction
  • Learning what triggers your abuse and learning how to decrease these behaviors
  • Addicted women often experience substantial trauma, and we help you cope at trauma-informed therapy in PA

As you can see, our program offers many benefits for you or the people you love. Our specialists focus on individualized care that can give you the best chance of recovery.

Finding a Rehab Center Program for Women

A good rehab center program for women focuses on individual needs. At Clarity Way, we adjust all of our care to what you need. For example, those with specific behavioral problems receive cognitive therapy to overcome their addiction.

We also provide holistic care, such as art therapy, to give you the chance to recover. Comfort and relaxation are very critical to your recovery. That’s why we focus on making our center a place that you’ll enjoy visiting. This way, you can beat addiction for good.

Let Us Help You Recover

At Clarity Way, we provide drug and alcohol treatment for men and women. Our care options include detox, dual-diagnosis treatment, pain management, and counseling. We also offer Pennsylvania EMDR therapy and motivational interviewing to help you recover. If you want to achieve sobriety through our women’s rehab center program, please call 17172253906 today.