Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

woman getting therapy at dual diagnosis treatment center

The dual diagnosis treatment center at Clarity Way offers an integrated and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment programs in Hanover, PA and mental health conditions. If you are suffering from addiction, we can address other psychological issues that may be affecting your dependency on drugs or alcohol. Also, our team works with you one-on-one to get the treatment you need and help you get on the path to recovery. 

Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover PA offers a warm and caring environment where you can focus on getting better one day at a time. Also, we can discuss your addiction, answer your questions, and help you choose the right treatment.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Help You Recover?

Although addiction may be the focus of your treatment, there may be underlying issues that complicate your chemical dependency. For instance, you may have ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, or PTSD. If so, we can explore the issues surrounding your addiction and recommend a treatment based on your needs. 

A dual diagnosis treatment program in Hanover PA allows us to identify any mental issues and work on a therapy plan that treats both the disorder and your addiction. Therefore, you may receive two very different types of therapy. Dual diagnosis offers a more holistic approach that addresses the underlying issues for your addiction — not just the addiction itself. 

Some treatments that we offer include:

The best part about our treatment plans is that you can explore each of these to decide which is best for you. In addition, we offer assessments and recommendations based on our observations and test results. The programs we offer at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover PA are intensive outpatient or day to night treatment.

Why You Need Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

There is often a negative stigma surrounding mental health issues. Due to negative perceptions of mental health, some of our clients may be too embarrassed to explore any psychological issues. 

However, if you don’t address your mental condition, the chances of you having a successful addiction recovery are drastically reduced. Why? Because your mental state is what triggers your addiction. You may be self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to deal with your mood swings, depression, anxiety, or stress. Likewise, your addiction may be affecting your mental health. It is a vicious cycle that never ends. 

The Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There are several benefits to dual diagnosis treatment, such as:

  • Getting in-depth treatment instead of just ‘fixing’ the addiction
  • Long-term recovery that lessens the likeliness of a relapse 
  • Working with mental health specialists who know how to help you
  • Experiencing true wellness, peace, and happiness in your life
  • Improving your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Feeling more productive

We provide a multitude of therapeutic approaches to stimulate your motivation to get healthy and promote continued investment in our addiction treatment programs PA. The clinical team closely monitors your progress as you recover from substance abuse. If you can determine where you are on the mental health spectrum, then you may achieve a successful recovery.

Call Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

No matter how severe your addiction is, there is always a way out. Clarity Way professionals can guide you through the stages of recovery until you have broken the cycle of addiction. Call us today at 17172253906 to find out more about our dual diagnosis treatment center. Together, we can help you overcome your dependency on drugs and alcohol.