People sometimes associate having an anxiety disorder to being trapped within their own body while trying to get out. That’s a hard thing to imagine for anyone who experiences anxiety during times of high stress. For the victim who has to live life dealing with anxiety, it’s a difficult thing to navigate. That’s why experts believe anxiety is a common cause of substance abuse and addiction. Fortunately, there is salvation available from an anxiety treatment center.

General Information About Living With Anxiety

Therapist speaks to clients at an anxiety treatment center in Hanover, PAMost of us experience some level of anxiety with common problems like when having issues at work. Anxiety is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who seem to live in a constant state anxiousness. For these people, anxiety becomes a disorder that interferes with their quality of life. In the worst cases, the anxiety victim becomes unable to function on a normal level. When it gets that bad, an anxiety treatment center starts looking pretty good.

There are several categories of anxiety disorders, namely panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, and also generalized anxiety disorders. While each of these types of disorders may manifest themselves a little differently, they all have common threads. For example, the commonality includes:

  • The individual is in a constant state of worry
  • The existence of irrational fears about people, places or things
  • Inability to cope with high levels of stress
  • General avoidance of interactions among groups of people
  • Difficulty expressing feelings and emotions
  • Lack of communication and leadership skills
  • Sleeping difficulties

As we mentioned earlier, there is a connection between addiction and anxiety disorders. If a client enters our rehab displaying high levels of anxiety, then our anxiety treatment center in Hanover, PA, becomes a treatment option.

Anxiety Treatment Centers and Treating Anxiety

As a trusted addiction treatment organization, we want to make sure we have the resources to treat a variety of conditions. While addiction is usually our primary concern, we still maintain our anxiety treatment center in Hanover, PA. We do this as part of our commitment to provide dual diagnosis treatment for co-existing conditions.

While most people have some familiarity with addiction treatment, what happens in an anxiety treatment center is not a familiar topic. In fact, treating anxiety disorders usually includes two components: medication and psychotherapy. Antidepressants and antipsychotics are the most common medications an anxiety treatment center doctor will prescribe for anxiety disorders. Most of the time, medications are effective. However, some of them are highly addictive, which we can confirm from our experiences as addiction treatment professionals.

As for psychotherapy, evidenced-based therapies tend to be the most effective options. In particular, cognitive behavioral therapy has shown itself to be a very effective treatment method for most anxiety disorders. The primary goal of cognitive-behavioral treatment is to teach clients how to recognize their destructive thought processes. If they can see the thought process that’s coming, they will have an opportunity to adjust those thoughts. That should give them the basis for changing bad behaviors into good behaviors. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program in Hanover, PA, is often part of our dual diagnosis treatment process.)

Addiction and Mental Disorder Treatment at Clarity Way

When treating our adult clientele, we run into a lot of clients who have co-existing conditions. That’s why we provide both addiction and baseline mental health treatment services. Through experience, we have learned that co-existing conditions demand simultaneous treatment. If we don’t handle it this way, the untreated condition is going to interfere with recovery. As for our treatment services, here’s a partial menu:

We know your anxiety can be very debilitating at times. Instead of trying to endure it, you might want to consider getting help at Clarity Way. We can serve you as an addiction treatment center or an anxiety treatment center. If you are ready to get help, you should call us at 17172253906.