It’s difficult for most people to face living with a single mental health issue. With that in mind, how difficult must it be for someone to deal with multiple mental health issues? It is reasonable to assume it’s very trying and nearly impossible. Bipolar disorders involve more than one mental health issue. In fact, there are two. On one side of the coin is depression. On the other side is some form of mania. Imagine that, someone trying to navigate life with wild mood swings between two serious issues. The only viable place there is to work it out is a bipolar disorder treatment center.

About Bipolar Disorders

People talking at a bipolar disorder treatment center in Hanover, PAAt both ends of the spectrum, a bipolar disorder can be very disruptive to the bipolar sufferer’s life. The reason experts use the term “bipolar disorders” is because there are actually three forms of the condition. Let’s look at each of them.

Cyclothymia (hypomania and mild depression) – The mildest of bipolar disorders. While the individual will experience regular moderate mood swings, they usually aren’t severe enough to register as depression and mania.

Bipolar I Disorder (mania and depression) – The most severe form of bipolar disorder. The disorder includes constant bouts of depression, at times major, that are intermittently interrupted by at least one major bout of mania within a certain period of time.

Bipolar II Disorder (hypomania and depression) – This form of bipolar disorder includes bouts of depression intermingled with at least one bout of a milder form of mania experts refer to as hypomania.

Generally, psychiatrists and psychologists in a bipolar disorder treatment center will diagnose bipolar disorder. However, it is possible for an addiction therapist at a bipolar disorder treatment center in Hanover, PA, to have the training necessary to make a preliminary diagnosis.

Getting Treatment From a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center

As an addiction treatment center, our Clarity Way therapists have a vested interest in dealing with bipolar disorders. It’s necessary when a client enters our rehab with co-existing conditions that include the addiction. When that occurs, dual diagnosis therapy immediately becomes the preferable treatment option. Why? Both conditions need treatment at the same time to keep the untreated condition for interfering with the recovery process.

Most people have some knowledge about what takes place in an addiction treatment center. What about what takes place in a bipolar disorder treatment center? For starters, treating a bipolar disorder usually includes both medication and therapy. If the client has a bipolar I diagnosis, they might require separate medications for depression and mania. Where things get a little sticky is if the client’s addiction has ties to their medication. That’s when therapy becomes increasingly more important.

Since a bipolar disorder is a life-time sentence, a bipolar disorder treatment center’s therapy focus is usually on psychotherapy. Choices like a psychodrama program in Hanover, PA, would be applicable. So would some evidence-based therapies. The goal of treatment is to help the client understand the nature of their condition. Using that information, it’s then possible to arm the client with the coping skills they will need to manage their episodes.

Clarity Way – A Top Hanover Addiction Treatment Option

Whether serving as a bipolar disorder treatment center in Hanover, PA, or an addiction treatment center, we strive for success. We measure our success by the success our clients have at staying clean. To help their chances, we employ a full range of modern-day addiction treatment options. The list includes:

If you suspect you have a bipolar disorder and perhaps a substance abuse disorder, you should seek help. If you are looking for a reliable bipolar disorder treatment center, you have found it with Clarity Way. Now you have a decision to make. If you want/need our help, pick up the phone and call us at 17172253906.