There’s a good reason why Clarity Way is an addiction and mood disorder treatment center. Frequently, these conditions present together. Therefore, they also need to receive treatment together. Here’s what this form of treatment looks like for clients.

Understanding the Connection between Mood Disorders and Addiction

Woman speaks to her therapist at a mood disorder treatment center in Hanover PAAlmost all clients who enroll in our psychotherapy program in Hanover, PA, have co-occurring conditions. This means that somewhere down the line, they developed a mood disorder. Conditions such as depression or anxiety have genetic roots. Others began as responses to traumatic experiences.

You don’t immediately realize that you have a mood disorder. It slowly worsens. Maybe you think that everyone’s dealing with these situations. In contrast, you might believe that you’re the only one, and you feel shame.

Because the symptoms make daily life difficult, you look for ways to ease them. At the Clarity Way mood disorder treatment center, we meet good people who succumbed to addiction because of mood disorders. They had self-medicated with alcohol or drugs.

An example is social anxiety. You had a challenging time being around others. To loosen up, you had a few drinks. Before long, you didn’t trust yourself to be around people without alcohol.

As time went on, you had to drink more and more. Your body developed tolerance. Besides that, it also developed an addiction. Now, you need alcohol just to feel normal.

How Care Approaches at the Mood Disorder Treatment Center Work

The first step for any client is the assessment. Caring therapists work with you to find out if you struggle with a mood disorder. Because we’re the mood disorder treatment center Hanover, PA counts on, we don’t make assumptions. The first step to healing must be an accurate diagnosis.

Once we know what you’re dealing with, it’s time to customize a care protocol. A good example is cognitive-behavioral therapy. It’s an opportunity to pinpoint areas of thinking, acting, or feeling that are dysfunctional. You then have the power to make the changes you want in these areas.

Another modality is the REBT program. Rational emotive behavior therapy focuses on the connection between thoughts and feelings. It helps you pinpoint those that are irrational. Once again, you now can choose not to follow up on irrational beliefs.

Hand-in-hand with these modalities is dialectical behavior therapy. At the mood disorder treatment center, you’ll work with therapists who help you gain control over emotions. These typically occur because of circumstances that you can’t change. Dealing with them and controlling them is essential for healing.

Mood Disorder Treatment is Part of an Inclusive Care Approach

Clarity Way is the mood disorder treatment center in Hanover, PA, you can trust in times of trouble. That’s why we offer a comprehensive care approach. It assists people with healing from substance abuse even if they don’t have co-occurring mental health conditions. Possible care options include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that focuses on setting goals and defining the steps you need to take to reach them
  • Contingency management program participation for changing drug-seeking behaviors with incentives
  • Family involvement, which reshapes the way you communicate as a unit
  • Psychodrama as a tool for understanding other people through role-play and mirroring
  • Addiction education, which focuses on overcoming the destructive nature of substance abuse through knowledge

Couples therapy is another critical treatment at the mood disorder treatment center. A lot of times, interpersonal relationships harbor triggers for substance abuse as well as mood disorders. Anxiety, for example, can stem from a problematic relationship. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how your relationship could improve to help you heal on multiple levels.

How to Get the Help You Need

Addiction’s a disease that responds very well to treatment. Similarly, it’s possible to learn how to manage mood disorders. You might do so with talk therapy and medication. However, this level of healing doesn’t happen if you don’t reach out for assistance.

You need the intervention of therapists who recognize the symptoms and can pinpoint appropriate interventions. Find out more about the treatments we offer at our mood disorder treatment center. Moreover, talk to an intake specialist to undergo a quick insurance verification. Connect with Clarity Way by dialing 17172253906 right now.