Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, affects about one in every 30 adult Americans in the course of a year, with about one in 15 experiencing the disorder at some point in their lives. The symptoms of PTSD cause such difficulty in daily life that about half of people with the condition self-medicate using drugs or alcohol. If you suffer both PTSD and addiction, you need help from a qualified dual diagnosis treatment center. With this help from a PTSD treatment center, you can rebuild your life in better health and without your troubling symptoms.

Clarity Way in Hanover is a dual diagnosis treatment center treating substance use disorders and mental health disorders at the same time. This type of PTSD treatment center uses an array of therapies designed for your specific needs. But you must ensure you choose a dual diagnosis treatment program that, like Clarity Way, provides a trauma-informed therapy program in Hanover, PA. You deserve compassionate care and understanding of the deep needs and struggles resulting from your past trauma.

What is PTSD?

Man in distress at his PTSD treatment center in Hanover, PAPTSD was once called shell-shock or battle fatigue syndrome. Doctors once believed PTSD was a condition primarily affecting soldiers after war combat. While members of the armed forces do experience PTSD in high numbers, anyone can struggle with the effects of trauma.

In fact, the definition of trauma for one person varies from another according to their own unique makeup and experiences. So there is no set definition of the trauma that causes PTSD. While people in the military commonly suffer this condition, so do emergency workers, medical professionals, and anyone else, regardless of occupation or where one lives.

Some people suffer from PTSD after physical or sexual abuse. Others struggle after crime victimization, war combat, injury, accident, natural disaster, or a loved one’s death. You can possibly suffer the disorder after seeing someone else victimized or injured, such as through crime, as well. As you can see, the common factor in PTSD is experiencing a terrifying, traumatic, or life-threatening event for yourself or as a spectator.

During a traumatic event, you experience a range of emotions and reactions in quick succession. These include fear, shock, anger, anxiety, and guilt. For some people, these reactions go away. For others, feelings continue and build over time.

These emotions and the memories of the event become so intense that normal daily life becomes impossible. When this continues for over a month, PTSD is a likely diagnosis. With the diagnosis, you need help from Clarity Way’s Hanover PTSD treatment center to get back to a normal, functional daily life.

Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms of PTSD are intense. They usually start within three months of your traumatic event, although some people do not start noticing symptoms for years. You may suffer for a short period of time and then start feeling better. Or you can suffer these symptoms for the rest of your life.

Medical professionals group PTSD symptoms into four main categories. These include reliving, avoiding, increased arousal and negative cognitions and mood.

You relive your events through dark memories and flashbacks, while also avoiding activities, places, and people you once enjoyed. You also experience increased awareness of your surroundings, as if on-constant alert for danger. Negative moods and thoughts take over your days and make clear thinking, relationships, daily fulfillment, and productivity difficult.

How a PTSD Treatment Center Helps

Clarity Way’s PTSD treatment center in Hanover, PA, provides you with the trauma-informed care you need to return to a better way of life. You can have happiness and fulfillment again, through the right therapies and treatment methods. At the same time, you work on addiction recovery to stop using drugs and alcohol as self-medication for your complex symptoms.

The good news is that a PTSD treatment center in Hanover, PA, offers all of the therapies and treatments you need for true recovery from addiction and mental health problems. These programs and therapies of the Clarity Way PTSD treatment center include:

You deserve a richer, fuller, and more productive life without substance abuse or trauma symptoms. So call Clarity Way now at 17172253906 to learn more about how this Hanover, PA PTSD treatment center that will help you get back to a life you enjoy.