Individuals with an alcohol use disorder have trouble controlling the amount of alcohol they drink. Often, the problem escalates to the point where it affects relationships, school performance, or job prospects. But many people remain in denial about the extent of their problem. Others go out of their way to avoid social contact so they can spend time drinking alone. Clarity Way provides an East Coast alcohol rehab for those ready to confront their issues and make a change.

East Coast Alcohol Rehab, man smiling speaking with therapistGiving Clients Space to Recover

The East Coast alcohol rehab program in Hanover PA gives clients the individualized treatment needed to promote healing in every part of their being. Our facility offers services for every part of the recovery process. We provide detox services to those needing help getting through alcohol withdrawal. Also, there is post-recovery aftercare available in the form of outpatient treatment or 12-step programs (or 12-step alternatives) to all clients.

Our recovery program can be found in the hills of South Central Pennsylvania, situated on 15 acres of land. Clients can choose from different amenities meant to make their stay more comfortable. Because we remove some of the day-to-day living concerns, we hope to encourage residents to focus on the work needed to make their stay a success.

We offer clients the choice of staying in our main facility or living in a separate six-bed space. It allows clients to stay in an individual room with a personal bathroom and other great features.

Receive Individual Treatment at Our East Coast Alcohol Rehab

The first thing we do for our clients is to give them a full assessment. We want to make sure we diagnose any co-occurring disorders that may exist along with the alcohol abuse disorder. From there, our therapists work to plan out a multidisciplinary treatment plan suited to each client’s needs. Further, we make the process easier by limiting the number of clients who stay at our facility during a given period.

Doing so gives our clients the one-on-one treatment needed to make their stay as successful as possible. Also, clients may choose to attend different therapy groups. For example, we offer traditional forms of help and alternative treatment programs. Combining both approaches allows us to take a holistic approach to care for clients. Every resident attends at least two individual therapy sessions each week.

Whole-Body Treatment

After making sure we have helped clients through any necessary alcohol withdrawal, we start the work of figuring out why they ended up with an alcohol use disorder. Thus, we look at what may be happening beneath the surface, including addressing a dual diagnosis.

Clarity Way offers the following therapy programs at our East Coast alcohol rehab:

Clients receive focus on both their alcohol addiction and other disorders, which may be holding them back in their recovery. We give them the tools needed to manage their environment. Also, we help them manage any triggers once they are back on the outside.

Flexible East Coast Alcohol Rehab Stays

The length of a client’s stay depends on the extent of their needs. But our goal is to ensure clients get the time needed to address their issues, and that they receive the education and support needed to manage things when they leave treatment. Therefore, our therapists work closely with each client, making necessary changes to their treatment plan as needed.

Other Benefits of Our East Coast Alcohol Rehab

Clients get the chance to participate in creative pursuits like art and music. It allows them to express feelings and emotions they have trouble getting out in a group or individual therapy session. Families get the chance to interact with their loved ones onsite or by teleconference. We understand the toll that alcohol abuse takes on the entire family unit.

Contact us at 17172253906 if you are interested in learning more about the services offered at our East Coast alcohol rehab program in Handover, PA.