Often trying to manage an alcohol use disorder leads to frustration and loneliness. Some individuals remain in denial about the depths of their problems. Others go out of their way to hide their issues from friends and loved ones. Thus, when things seem to be spiraling out of control, a stay at the East Coast alcohol treatment center run by Clarity Way may be the thing to get you on a track to sobriety.

East Coast Alcohol Treatment Center, woman listening to doctorFinding Space to Recover

Our East Coast alcohol treatment center program in Hanover, PA offers individualized treatment that looks to heal every aspect of our client’s well-being. We offer everything from detox services upon admission to post-recovery aftercare in an outpatient treatment setting. Clients receive support during every step of their journey.

Clarity Way’s center is in South Central Pennsylvania, located on 15 acres of land surrounded by rolling hills. We offer various amenities that allow them to heal in comfort. Because our goal is to remove as many external worries as possible, this location gives clients the freedom to focus on healing.

Residents can choose to stay in the main residence or live in a separate six-bed space with large rooms, an en suite private bathroom, and other features.

Individual Treatment at our East Coast Alcohol Treatment Center

Clients receive extensive medical and psychological assessments designed to create a multidisciplinary program matching their needs. Because we only accept a small number of clients at any given period, this is easier to do. Also, it gives them an unparalleled amount of one-on-one attention from our staff.

There is also the opportunity for clients to take part in 12-step groups or 12-step alternatives that do not have a religious component. Also, there are traditional therapy groups available, along with various alternative treatment approaches. Our clients typically take part in at least two individual therapy sessions with a counselor every week.

Holistic Treatment

Clarity Way’s East Coast alcohol treatment center helps clients get through any painful or dangerous side-effects of alcohol withdrawal. From there, we work on helping them find what they need to gain peace physically, spiritually, and emotionally. For instance, some of the treatment programs and therapies offered by our facility include:

We look for ways to treat our client’s alcohol addiction while addressing underlying disorders hindering them from recovery. Thus, they leave our facility with the tools necessary to deal with a dual diagnosis disorder.

Flexible Stays at Our East Coast Alcohol Treatment Center

The length of a client’s stay depends on various factors. But we make sure clients get enough time at our treatment center to adequately address their needs. Our therapists work closely with each client in assessing their alcohol treatment plan and changing it as their recover path evolves.

Getting the Family Involved

Clarity Way understands that an individual’s alcohol use disorder affects the entire family. Therefore, we keep family members updated about the progress of their loved one and the decisions made regarding treatment. Also, our facility offers clients the chance to take part in family therapy sessions in person or by teleconference, depending on the client’s comfort level and our clinical assessment of their mental preparedness.

Creative Expression

Clients can pick from various opportunities to explore a more creative side of themselves. We have a professional music and recording studio on-site along with an art studio. Having a creative outlet allows clients the chance to express themselves in ways that may be difficult in a traditional therapy session.

Get Help At Our East Coast Alcohol Treatment Center

Contact us at 17172253906 if you feel our East Coast alcohol treatment center program in Handover, PA might be what you are looking for. Let us help you take your future in a positive direction.