The right Hanover addiction treatment center makes recovery possible. At Clarity Way in Hanover, we provide care that begins with detox and follows you through your journey in residential and rehab aftercare services. We know what it takes to help you withdraw from drugs or alcohol and to maintain your sobriety every step of the way. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you are looking for a way out, a Hanover addiction treatment center program is the safest way to do so. In order to break free from addiction, you have to make the choice to get the help you deserve.

Your Hanover Addiction Treatment Center

Clarity Way is a Hanover addiction treatment center program set on 15 acres of rolling hills that offers you a quiet, serene atmosphere where you can recover from addiction away from the chaos of daily life. You will work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Your plan can include your goals and how you hope to meet these goals in a variety of therapeutic settings. Once you go through medically-assisted detox, you can choose to stay for residential care and then move on to supportive care when you return to the community. When you are in a recovery program, you might:

  • Meet peers that you connect with that become part of your long term support system
  • Attend group therapy sessions and hear stories from other people who are working hard in recovery
  • Learn new strategies to manage your stress and avoid turning to drugs or alcohol instead
  • Try out to yoga, meditation, or other holistic therapies that help you heal and cope

In recovery, you are going to learn how to live your best life. With the support staff and other clients within the program, you are going to find your sobriety and see how recovery is possible for you. When your goal is sobriety, you are going to be able to meet your goals when committing yourself to your journey.

The Process of Addiction Treatment

Your first step in the process of addiction treatment is to go through withdrawal in a detox facility. Clarity Way offers a group therapy session at Hanover Addiction Treatment Centermedically-assisted detox to make your withdrawal process safe. You get support for any symptoms you are experiencing and medication can be used to keep your worst symptoms under control. Once detox is over, you can move on to short-term rehabilitation care. Some clients return home within a few weeks and go to a treatment program during the day, while others decide that a long term rehabilitation program is a better choice. The process of addiction treatment is different for everyone, but it begins with asking for the help you need and going to a treatment program for help.

Is It Time for Addiction Treatment?

There’s never a perfect time to go to a Hanover addiction treatment center, but it is time for treatment when you are ready to make a change in your life. Living the life of addiction is hard, and you will continue down a spiral of hopelessness when you continue to abuse substances. If you are overwhelmed with your life and you know that treatment is going to help, it’s time to enter an addiction treatment program. You can recover from your addiction, but you have to make the decision to get the treatment you need.

Get the Addiction Care You Need Today

Stop letting drugs or alcohol control your life. Clarity Way can help when you make the decision to call. Contact us today at 17172253906 and take your life back from a drug or alcohol addiction.