a group therapy session at Hanover Drug RehabA Hanover drug rehab program can help you build your life free from addiction. At Clarity Way, we understand what it means to be living a life out of control and needing help. Your journey begins with a safe detox in a medically-assisted facility and continues on as you heal from addiction. You will learn about the recovery process and how important it is to get support from others in the community. At a Hanover drug rehab, you get the time and care you need to break away from drugs or alcohol and start living the life you were meant to. If you can’t find a way out of an addiction on your own, it’s time reach out for the support that is available.

Preparing for Your Stay in a Hanover Drug Rehab

Clarity Way is set out in nature, on 15 hills of rolling countryside in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Once you make the decision to receive treatment, there’s not much you need to do to prepare for your stay. You will go through the intake process and meet with a counselor to talk about what is going on with your addiction. If you are actively abusing substances, you will go through our medically-assisted detox program first to safely remove drugs or alcohol from your system. When you enter a Hanover drug rehab program you can expect:

  • The attention and compassion you need from staff who focus on addiction and recovery
  • To work with a counselor to address your specific treatment needs, goals and strengths
  • Group sessions to meet others who are at a similar point in their recovery process
  • Respect and dignity as you deal with the withdrawal symptoms of detox and your early steps in sobriety

You will recover from drugs or alcohol when you make the commitment to yourself to change your life. As a person who is tired of living the life of addiction, there is recovery possible when you make the move to ask for the help that you need to break free.

Relapse Prevention Strategies From a Hanover Drug Rehab

When you begin your recovery work, you will hear about relapse prevention strategies as a way to strengthen your sobriety. Relapse is common, especially in the early stages of your sobriety. You will learn that even if you relapse, the most important thing you can do is to return to your commitment to living a life without drugs or alcohol. Relapse prevention strategies are tools that help you feel better, allow you to feel more centered, and make it possible for you to stay away from drugs or alcohol in times when you are feeling stressed. Some common relapse prevention strategies include:

  • Talking through what is bothering you with a member of your support team who understands what you are dealing with
  • Going to 12-step meetings or other support groups in the community to find strength
  • Meeting with a therapist on a consistent basis to develop better coping skills
  • Volunteering in the community to feel a connection with others who are in need
  • Taking the time to breathe, reflect and meditate to calm the mind

Relapse prevention strategies are those activities that work for you. When your mental and physical health is strong, it becomes easier to avoid turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with the stress that occurs in everyday life.

Treatment For Drug Addiction Now

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life any longer. Contact Clarity Way at 17172253906 and see how addiction recovery can begin today. You don’t have to live under the veil of addiction anymore.