The 12 steps do not fit everyone’s idea of a path out of addiction. This is why Clarity Way offers non-12 step options for your recovery, including a refuge recovery program. Refuge recovery works in some ways like the 12 steps but uses Buddhist principles for your pathway to long-term wellness.

Clarity Way’s addiction therapy programs in Hanover, PA, include a broad range of methods and evidence-proven practices for your best possible addiction recovery. These approaches come together as part of your individualized treatment plan, and one formed according to your unique needs. If you believe a refuge recovery program in Hanover, PA, possibly suits your treatment needs, then talk to the caring specialists of Clarity Way about your addiction recovery goals.

What is a Refuge Recovery Program?

Doctor tells his patient about a refuge recovery program in Hanover, PAA refuge recovery program forms on a foundation of Buddhist principles to help you find your way out of your addiction. The basic tenets of a refuge recovery program include understanding that all individuals have the inner power to free themselves from addiction’s suffering. When you participate in a refuge recovery program, you also believe the Dharma relieves suffering of all kinds, including addiction.

As part of the refuge recovery program in Hanover, PA, you follow a path of awakening. This path helps you recover from addictions and delusions by training your heart and mind to see clearly. It also teaches you to respond to your life with understanding. You also learn that living a non-harming life helps you recover.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed or lost in these practices, at first. But you learn about them and gain the benefit of a supportive group of peers who share your path with you. As with 12 step programs, you attend meetings and build a community of support around yourself, just as you support others. These meetings educate you, help you practice in refuge recovery, and also guide you according to Buddhist inspiration and meditations.

Specifics of Refuge Recovery

Your refuge recovery program in Hanover, PA, relies on the four truths of recovery, four foundations of mindfulness, heart practice meditations, as well as an eight-fold path to recovery.
The four truths of refuge recovery include the beliefs that addiction: creates suffering, repetitive cravings cause addiction, recovery is possible, and the path to recovery is available. The four foundations of mindfulness in a refuge recovery program include mindfulness of body and breath, feelings, mind states, and also mind objects. Mind objects are also called truth.

Heart practice meditations include kindness toward all experience and compassion toward our suffering and the suffering we cause others. They also include appreciation for pleasure and equanimity for understanding the reality of ongoing change.

Abstinence and philosophy form the eight-fold path to recovery. The belief system is that of recovery starting when abstinence does. You are meant to develop, experience, and sustain the eight factors of your path. You work on these eight points at the same time, instead of taking steps like in a 12 step program.

Overall, the eight-fold path to recovery opens you up to a life free of addiction. You must continue using these eight points throughout your recovery, for the rest of your life.

The Eight-Fold Path

The eight-fold path to recovery includes:

  • Understanding
  • Intention
  • Communication and community
  • Action
  • Livelihood and service
  • Effort
  • Mindfulness and meditations
  • Concentration and meditations

Karma plays a significant role in refuge recovery. This rule of cause and effect means all of our actions lead to consequences. In addiction and other negative behaviors, you ignore your karma, causing harm to yourself and other people. So in recovery, you must learn about your karma and take responsibility for what you do in life. Meditation and mindfulness are also crucial, helping you develop self-awareness in how your addiction takes hold.

Most importantly, refuge recovery believes addiction is not your fault. The belief is that you developed an unhealthy strategy in your life that simply does not work anymore. You need to remove yourself from the cycle that causes you and people around you confusion and suffering.

Refuge Recovery at Clarity Way

In addition to refuge recovery, Clarity Way in Hanover, PA provides a broad mix of therapies and treatment methods. For example, these include:

Call Clarity Way today at 17172253906 to learn more about available treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis disorders, and pain management. Through the right therapies and programs, you can build a new life. That new beginning may include a refuge recovery program.