When someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, they live their lives as though they have nothing to lose. It’s only after going through treatment that they begin to realize how precious life can be. That might explain why people sometimes feel tenuous about the recovery they worked so hard to establish. After doing all that hard work, the last thing they want to experience is chronic relapses. The best way for someone in recovery to protect this is to make use of aftercare resources. A common aftercare resource is a sober living program.

What is a Sober Living Program?

Man speaking to clients at a sober living program in Hanover, PA

As most people new to recovery soon realize, that first step out the door of rehab is scary. It’s been a while since they’ve seen the world through a pair of sober eyes. If they don’t yet trust themselves and need more time to heal, an arrangement in a sober living program makes sense.

Sober living is a very popular rehab aftercare program in Hanover, PA. This is where like-minded people, new to recovery, can live together in a communal setting. This option is usually available for people for a duration of one month up to as much as one year. If nothing else, it’s an excellent place for people to support one another as they mature into their recoveries.

Each sober living program has a house manager and a rigorous set of house rules. Failure to comply will often lead to expulsion. It’s very important everyone follows the house guidelines because each resident is likely susceptible to drama. If drama is a trigger, one person’s inability to follow the rules has the potential to cascade into several people relapsing. While a particular program for sober living in Hanover, PA, might have unique rules, the following represents what most people would consider universal sober living rules:

  • Zero tolerance for any unauthorized substance use
  • Each resident must undergo random drug testing
  • Residents must attend weekly therapy/12-Step groups
  • Each resident must avoid sexual fraternization
  • Each resident must maintain certain responsibilities around the house

As long as residents adhere to these policies and make progress, they will remain in good standing.

The Benefits of a Sober Living Program

When someone is ready to embark on their own after time in a program for sober living in Hanover, PA, they should have confidence. That would include confidence in their ability to stay sober and handle their own responsibilities. The time to get oneself into that position is a primary benefit of sober living.

Beyond that, there are other benefits the person in recovery can hope to experience. For instance, most addiction sufferers lose the ability to manage their lives. They just can’t seem to organize certain aspects of their living. The combination of time in drug addiction rehab and a sober living program reinforces the need for discipline in their life.

Another benefit might be buying time to re-establish connections to the outside. If someone has lost their employment due to their addiction, sober living is a safe environment while pursuing employment.

Sober living also offers residents the time to mend personal relationships while dealing with a minimum of stress from overwhelming responsibilities. There are other benefits, but these are at least three that clearly make sober living worthy of consideration.

Clarity Way – A Solid Addiction Treatment Option

At our Hanover facility, we use a unique combination of traditional and alternative treatment options to induce recovery. Each of our clients gets individual focus as they navigate the addiction treatment process. The secret to our success is the ability of our professional counselors to establish a custom treatment option that works for each client. Our services include:

Recovery requires more than time in rehab. Your recovery will never be as tenuous as when you are first leaving the rehab facility. For that reason, you might want to seriously consider taking up residence in a sober living program. At Clarity Way, we can get you through the treatment process and would gladly refer you for sober living upon your departure. For more details about our addiction treatment options, please call us at 17172253906.