Clarity Way, a drug and alcohol rehab center in Hanover, Pennsylvania, provides care for individuals looking to conquer addiction. Need a women’s addiction treatment center that offers both holistic and traditional therapies? Clarity Way is the answer. Our secluded women’s addiction treatment center provides medical detox, yoga, and counseling so you can get clean.

Deciding To Seek Treatment

mixture of spilled pills with women needing women's addiction treatment center in PALife can spiral out of control during addiction — but you deserve better. Treatment allows you to break free from drugs or alcohol, with the support you need to get sober. Patients have a counselor assigned to you that develops a treatment plan to structure your recovery process. You may need treatment if:

  • You feel out of control, and you haven’t been able to stop abusing substances on your own
  • Your relationships are falling apart because of your substance abuse
  • You need to keep using more and more of the addictive substance to reach the same high
  • You have a desire to stop abusing substances, but you don’t know how to

Addiction treatment is there for you, but it’s up to you to make the first call for help. Once you enter treatment, you will get the support you need to get sober and stay that way. From detox to aftercare services, you will be able to achieve sobriety and overcome addiction.

Addiction Treatment For Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring disorders treatment center treats those with co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders. The treatment works on addiction and mental health issues concurrently.  In a women’s addiction treatment center, clients get help without having to set aside other mental health concerns. In an addiction rehab facility for dual diagnosis, you may experience:

  • Holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels
  • Detox in a medically supervised setting to remain safe throughout the process
  • Family therapy to address strained family relationships and build positive communication
  • Individual therapy to discuss your treatment plan and relapse prevention strategies
  • EMDR to deal with past trauma

Dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to work on your recovery and your mental health. When you take the first step and reach out to Clarity Way, you will get the support you need.

Motivation In a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Are you hesitant about going to a women’s addiction treatment center? Change and motivation are hard, even if you are already in a women’s addiction treatment center. Motivational interviews let you talk about why you need to change, and why you have been reluctant before. Motivational therapy can improve your commitment to your sobriety.

Find a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center Today

Don’t let drugs or alcohol control your life anymore. When you need help, it’s time to call 17172253906. You are not alone, and it’s time to start your sobriety journey by contacting Clarity Way.